Four Seasons of Tewin Walk

Now 100% recovered from that pesky kidney stone business I am back with my JWalking partner hiking and stomping through the Hertfordshire woodlands. We are starting to build up the walks again as ten weeks of short outings takes it’s toll on your stamina but we’re getting there. The incredibly beautiful countryside all around us seriously helps though.

Tewin Woodland Walk

We can’t quite believe that less than ten minutes walk away finds you in quiet woodland and gentle rolling hills. Seems amazing. I think it’s probably because Welwyn Garden City was planned and designed rather than allowed to evolve. So the edge of the town is obvious and where the countryside begins. Brilliant.

After the Burnham Green Circuit last week (City of Trees) we headed off north to walk to the delightful village of Tewin. Past the impressive Digwell Viaduct through Digswell Water, up across Dawley Plantation to climb through Dawley Woods down to Margery Green and into Tewin.

Sunshine all the way and hardly another soul in any direction. Just us and the birds. Glorious.

Tewin dates back to Anglo-Saxon times and was mentioned in the Domesday Book as both Tewinge and Theinge. It’s a typical small English village with a village green, memorial hall, village shop, and of course a pub. Being so close to Welwyn it’s commutable to London so house prices are sky high but it’s absolutely lovely.

We explored a few footpaths before heading for the village stores and being the first people to sit in their covered garden ordering a cappuccino since the lockdown rules eased this very morning. Felt a bit weird sitting without masks on but it was a real treat. Must be six months since we’ve done anything like this.

Always take the weather

So a gentle wander across the village green and back onto the footpath in the sunshine before suddenly all hell let loose. The sky turned black! The wind appeared from nowhere! The temperature seemed to plunge! And then the rain came!

Within seconds it was torrential and we were soaked to the skin. Hardly having time to put our coats on and cover up and with no shade as we were in the middle of fields we just ploughed on. After a couple of minutes you get so wet that it really doesn’t matter anymore and we actually ‘sort of’ enjoyed it. No point in getting grumpy is there when there’s nothing you can do?

A fifteen minute walk took us back into woodland and a semblance of cover but as soon as we were there the rain stopped! Typical. Then the sun appeared again and the rest of the walk was nice although wet jeans and jackets left us feeling a little soggy.

Our nine mile walk started out overcast and cloudy, turning into a roasting hot blue-sky hike, before the wind arrived and brought the clouds back, resulting in torrential driving rain and darkness, and finally ending in a return of the sunshine and warmer temperatures. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter all in a few hours.

How many years?

And finally, as the Two Ronnies always said, it was our wedding anniversary a couple of days ago. Thirty Nine years! Not too shabby eh? And hasn’t Jo done well to keep going for so long? We don’t really celebrate these days but next year may be the exception as it’s a real milestone. What do you think we should do?

“Two younger versions of ourselves back in the day”

Little did we know where life would lead us back then!

15/05/82 – 15/05/2021

Four Seasons of Tewin Walk - Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, England


  1. Congratulations on #39. Dave and I will reach 38 this week. I think you will have more choices for celebration in the UK but however you celebrate huge congratulations. Also great news that the kidney stone business is behind you.
    Your changeable weather seems very much like ours in Calgary. Good to be prepared for most anything.

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    • We didn’t celebrate at all really, no restaurants or pubs open. Starting to ease off the restrictions now but very slowly and carefully. Don’t mind the changing weather, makes every day an adventure.


  2. The wearing of masks is a little more relaxed here too. Well, you can’t eat wearing one, can you? 🙂 🙂 Many congratulations, Jonno. Hopefully next year we’ll all have a different perspective. Too early to say!

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    • It is starting to ease off here and people seem to be relaxing a little. Gonna take time though. We just enjoyed stopping for coffee and cake.


  3. Congrats! Last week we did a lovely walk not too far from there, we started and finished at The Cricketers in Sarratt, near to Hemel Hempstead. Thankfully we dodged the rain, weather has been rubbish lately hasn’t it!

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  4. Happy Anniversary you two! This year is our 40th in October and we are wrestling with the same question – what to do to celebrate? For our 30th we took a 15 night cruise through the Panama Canal on the Queen Victoria – just Lovely!!!! It was our first big taste of lots of Brits and we had a blast! We had dinner every night with 10 others and felt like we were sitting with Monty Python and Bennie Hill the entire cruise – so much fun! It will be hard to top that! Glad you are almost back up to speed and we wish you another exciting adventurous year of marital bliss!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Chris. Your 30th sounds like a wonderful trip, the Panama Canal must be incredible. I don’t think overseas trips will be on the cards for a long time but we will almost certainly plan something local next year.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Kidney stones really suck. 😦
    I had them ten years ago, and for years, I carried the medicine I was prescribed around with me, out of constant fear of another kidney stone attack. But so far, nothing happened.

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  6. The top picture votes very familiar feelings in me. Just like a Scottish walk! Congratulations on 39 years. We had our 40th in March and, of course, nothing much happened. Well, we ordered in food so neither of us had to cook, and there might have been champagne, but we couldn’t go anywhere or celebrate with friends. I hope, surely to goodness, you will be luckier next year.

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  7. If my maths is correct that must mean you wed in 1982 – snap, well not quite, we wed in September 82. I love that word – wed. It sounds so 1800s English. Anyway congratulations on both the anniversary, and the longish walk, and getting to the other side of Covid, the side where you can enjoy a coffee mask free.

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  8. Like the look of the tea rooms Jon ☕️ Great to see you fully recovered from your kidney stone ordeal. And that’s a lovely picture of you and Jo back in the day. What a milestone 39 years!! Congratulations to you both. Yes, you must celebrate 40 years married. It’s such a massive achievement and a celebration of your lives together☺️💐

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  9. Proper Crowded House weather Jon, 4 Seasons in One Day! We don’t really celebrate wedding anniversaries anymore just the usual 2 minutes silence!! It’ll 30 years for us in 2022 and also 30 years since Leeds last won the title. Not sure which I’m more excited about. Good to see you back to full JWalking duties.

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  10. Hooray! So glad to hear you are feeling better and back at it! Perfect timing with restriction being lifted there and the weather getting better (or it should be haha). Here’s to more walks and exploring in the months ahead. I hope we can follow suit here in Canada soon and start venturing a bit farther afield!

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    • Thanks Linda. Things are really starting to feel like they are returning to normal now, not quite there yet but close. Weather looks like it’s going to be good soon too .

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    • Thanks Jessica, it was a fabulous walk even with the extreme weather. Had our coats so not really a big deal. I think youre right about it warming up this week though, fingers crossed.

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