Sam and Tabitha

Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale.

Sam and Tabitha Wedding Lake Bled

The setting was idyllic, the weather incredible, and the two people involved absolutely perfect for each other.

To say that we were all excited would be an understatement, we were also a little nervous. You never know if everything will work out as planned and most weddings just have a church then a reception. This occasion had boats, islands, bell ringing, horse and carriages, church and civil ceremonies, drink receptions here there and everywhere, taxis galore, party games, drinking and obviously swimming!

Sam and Tabitha's Wedding

It’s difficult to describe just how wonderful the day was, perhaps the best thing is just to look at the photos and try to imagine how we felt. Thanks to everyone else for making it the loveliest wedding ever and thanks for a few of the photos that I’ve borrowed on this page. I missed most of the day due to a surplus of water in my eyes, no idea what caused that! From the minute that we woke to the minute that we went to sleep it was the most fabulous day and we were both so honoured and delighted to be involved.

Sam and Tabitha's Wedding

Sam and Tabitha's Wedding

Sam and Tabitha's Wedding


Gary, Tasha and Lilly May
Gary, Tasha and Lilly May
Sam and Tabitha's Wedding
Nigel and Patsy
The Bride and Lily-May
Bride and Groom
Gary, Tabitha and Sam






Congratulations to our Sam and Tabitha. We are so very very proud of them both.