No Longer Nomads

What are the top 5 things that you would miss if you put all your possessions in storage? What would be the top 5 things you would look forward to seeing if you opened those boxes again? Sounds like some sort of psychoanalysis doesn’t it?

Now we have a home and collected the boxes from our little storage cupboard, the answer for me is almost as we predicted. Photographs, family memorabilia, my sewing machine, mementoes from our travels.

“Emptying our little storage unit after 7 years. Not a lot of stuff really.”

Before our moving in date, we had been squirrelling away the essentials – bedding, towels, a few cups, plates etc but the list, once we arrived, expanded quite quickly. Its not until you turn to do something that you realise you haven’t got something. A sieve, garlic press, bucket, pegs and so on. Granted these are all things you can live without but for most people they are just “there” as they would have been for us when we had our former home.

Simple things have given me pleasure. Having the ingredients at hand to bake – without buying them and having to leave them behind. Flicking through my old recipe book and being able to choose a recipe. Freezing leftovers is another novelty. Previously everything would need to be used up before we moved on.

The sewing machine has been put to good use already. Altering some curtains. I was in stitching heaven. More projects planned.

For you ladies out there, you will be shocked to hear that I haven’t had a clothing shopping spree. Walking boots, walking shoes, Birkenstock sandals and flip flops are still the only footwear. Although I did have two pairs of heels in storage from a couple of weddings. Not really ideal for gardening and painting though. The fitted wardrobe with our clothes in looks decidedly sparse and crying out to be filled. We still seem imbedded the mindset of only buying what we need rather than buying things we like. I am hoping that this continues to be the case but undoubtedly there will be a few “must have” purchases.

Apart from material things, it will be interesting to see how we feel about having one location as our base again. Although it wasn’t intentional, having a property that needs a fair bit of work has helped. Having to do repairs and put our stamp on our place makes it feel more ours. If we had purchased something that was pristine with nothing to do we would probably be getting itchy fit by now and it could possibly feel more like one of the many airbnbs or housesits we have spent time in.

Nearly forgot to mention the novelty of having our own address again – we were both shocked when our first letters and new home cards arrived. Shame about another blast from the past – utility bills!!

“Still managing to get out and about exploring Wiltshire”

We still plan to have the odd JWalking jaunt. A visit to the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path is in the planning stage. Not going to get that clothing shopping spree there but, call me strange, I would rather be on a wind blown coastal path than in a shopping Mall. Thank goodness Jon likes me the way I am (I hope!!)

01/06 – 01/07/2022


  1. What a change it must be for you both! Was it a lot of fun unpacking the storage unit? I know even when we move house and unpack, I have ‘oooh’ moments. As in, ‘oooh, look what I’ve found!’

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  2. Congratulations on surviving the adjustment. We will be in the same position in 4 months time. Except a slightly bigger storage shed, so a lot more of “what were we thinking!” Also not looking forward to the utility bills!!!


  3. I’m with you on the shopping centres. I avoid them as much as possible. Once I retired I vowed to only buy what is absolutely essential and I definitely don’t need extra clothes and shoes. How exciting to see your new home becoming your little nest.

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  4. Congratulations and looking forward to more adventures from the both of you! How fantastic to have a place to settle down and make your own. I’m sure you have lots of ideas and can’t wait to get going on that garden. You should do some blogs about home renos and how they work out for you.

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  5. Welcome back!! Good to hear from you Jo. Glad to hear that settling down is going well. Make sure you keep on keeping Jon busy!


  6. I’m with you, shopping malls definitely don’t do it for me either, although I have found a little charity shop that has added a few too many unnecessary items to my wardrobe. The countryside around you looks lovely and green. Looks like you’re keeping busy.

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  7. So fabulous to read this update Jo! Hope you are staying cool with all the heat. Congratulations on your new home. We’re heading to Cheddar (from Aus) next week for a month with our daughter and granddaughter and can’t wait!


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