The Best Travel Advice Ever

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Just read a few articles on the BBC Travel site (is the BBC website the best on the whole internet or what?) and a section called ‘ How we quit our jobs to travel‘ caught my eye, obviously.

Several articles about all sorts of people leaving good jobs to travel the world and their amazing stories, but one really caught my eye. It was about Daniel and Audrey whose blog Uncornered Market is a fascinating read. The article explained how they decided to leave their jobs and then what they went on to do. However, it was the final paragraph that fascinated me. I hope they don’t mind me republishing but it is just the perfect description of everything that Jo and I believe. Check their blog out.

Their biggest tip about travelling and the best travel advice we’ve seen is this.

The greatest impressions on life’s highlight reel need not always be attached to a several thousand dollar “trip of a lifetime”, but can instead be found, say, in the eight euro bottle of wine that you share under a tree behind an old train station on the France-Switzerland border.

Not much else I can say is there. Any thoughts anyone?

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  1. My main advice is to “take your time”.
    When I have 10 days in a country, I’d much rather pick 3 places, try to get to know them better, get in contact with people there, maybe do a day trip in the vicinity, than to rush to 10 different places in the same time and spend a lot of time on the bus.

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    • Excellent advice. Always best to take your time and visit a select few places rather than charge around trying to see everything. Meeting local people is undoubtedly the best thing though.

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  2. Indeed! Some of my greatest travel experiences were the result of mistakes, accidents, missed buses and being stranded in a strange place without knowing the language. In such situations, you should take a deep breath, and just consider it an adventure; that’s when you meet interesting people, and that’s how you get your interesting stories.

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  3. I totally agree. ‘Once in a lifetime’ comments get on my nerves somewhat. Why does any trip have to be categorized like that anyway. Travelling with kids for 10 months last year, the highlights were the unexpected amazing playground on a mountain top and listening to them laughing and playing on a closed ice rink for hours in the dark… till the cold finally brought them back to the little caravan we shared. Special times…

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  4. Love this quote and couldn’t agree more. One of the best trips I ever had was a short trip to a beach town in Costa Rica where we got hit by a huge storm and had to go without power. It was such an odd, scary, amazing experience.

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    • I’ve always hated the end of trip feeling after holidays so am really trying to change how I feel about our travelling as I don’t ever want to feel that again. I’d love to be able to just go unplanned but its just not me. I need short term plans at least.


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