Choosing a Travel Blog Post Title

Travel Blog TitleOne the hardest tasks we have found in our experience of writing a blog is the process of choosing a travel blog post title. We often have a subject that we plan to write about or a story that we wish to tell but coming up with a relevant and catchy title is always a real challenge.

However good your content or however impressive your photos it is the title of your blog post that actually hooks someone and pulls new readers in. Some of our most successful posts are based on great titles rather than great content and some of our best written posts haven’t done well due to apparently weak titles. It’s so difficult to get the balance right but the right title goes a long way to doing that.

So rather than waffle on for thousands of words on how to choose the right blog title I have drawn up a list of ideas that may be helpful. I was so grateful to other bloggers for ideas when I started out that it seemed right to pay it back.

Travel Blog Title

Choosing a Travel Blog Post Title

Here are a list of post ideas split into relevant categories, let me know if any are useful.


These are your basic ‘How to‘ posts and really useful as most online travel searches seem to begin with ‘How to‘.

  • How to backpack around the world
  • How to travel well on a budget
  • How to survive long-haul air travel
  • How to get the best deals on hotels and flights
  • How to plan a stress-free holiday
  • How to book cheap air tickets
  • How to live out of a suitcase for 3 months
  • How to plan a romantic weekend away
  • How to pack thoroughly for a long trip
  • How to learn a foreign language
  • How to plan an epic road-trip

Travel Lists

These are your classic ‘Top 10‘ lists of anything and everything. From restaurants to flights, from ways to pack to what to eat. So many options and what the bulk of travel blog posts seem to be called. There is a school of thought too that the number of items should always be an odd number (i.e Top 9 instead of 10) but the jury is still out on that.

  • My Top 10 European Cities
  • The Best 9 Bars in New York
  • Our Ultimate Top 20 Hikes in New Zealand
  • Seven Ways to Explore Venice
  • The Worlds Top 5 Airlines
  • Eleven tasty meals to eat in Melbourne
  • Ten Things you must take in your backpack

Travel Blog Title

Travel tips and resources

These are posts that offer pure travel advice or links to other sites with similar information. Generally worded as if it’s the only advice you will ‘ever’ need to complete a particular task but usually very subjective so it’s only the authors views to be honest. Great for getting new followers and hits as these titles can be exactly what the reader is searching for.

  • How to have a fantastic trip without blowing your budget
  • Advice for your first solo adventure
  • The Top Travel apps you’ll ever need
  • Things you need for your first trip abroad
  • What you need in your first aid kit
  • What to do if you lose your passport
  • Top items to pack for a trip overseas
  • Best tips for a hassle-free holiday
  • Inspirational travel quotes
  • The best reasons to travel around Europe
  • How to plan for your next trip

Destination Specific

You know the sort of thing. Particular posts about a city or a beach or a holiday resort. The web is crammed-packed full of these so it’s crucial to get the title right and try and pitch it to the appropriate audience.

  • The best beaches in Vietnam
  • Most popular skiing resorts in France
  • The most luxurious hotels in Antigua
  • Make the most of your trip to Edinburgh
  • What to do on a 3 day vacation in the Lake District
  • A backpacker’s guide to Thailand
  • North African traditions and experiences
  • Incredible buildings in Rome
  • Iconic places to visit on your first trip to Vancouver
  • Wonderful locations you’ll want to visit in the Caribbean
  • The sights and sounds of the Oktoberfest in Munich

Travel Blog Title

Activities and Things to do

Similar to destination specific but of course these are activity specific. Ranging from advice on how to do a particular activity to the best places to go to participate in it. Often a mix of activity and destination though.

  • Spains best spa’s and health resorts
  • Things to do on a family beach holiday
  • The Best Winter Sports Ever
  • Things to do on a solo vacation
  • Where to take the kids in the holidays
  • Crazy weekends in Vegas
  • Best ski resorts in the world
  • Fun-packed trips with the family
  • The most romantic couples weekends


Probably the most popular travel post titles in the blogging world. Asking a question of your audience really hooks them in and generates more traffic than a straight statement. If you look at a successful blog you will see that they use questions for the majority of their posts.

  • Why do you …
  • Where is the best …
  • When we saw the …..
  • What is the best way to …..
  • Which city would you …..

So many options with questions. Just add one of the ‘W’ words and you’ll be away.

  • If you won the lottery, where would you go first?
  • What’s your favourite beach in the whole world?
  • Why do you travel?
  • What 7 things are essential for travel?
  • When did you last go skiing?
  • Where would you take a road trip?
  • If you went round the world which places could you not leave out?
  • What’s on your travel bucket list?
  • Who is your ideal travel companion?
  • Why don’t you count countries?

Travel Blog Title

Photo blogs

And if you don’t fancy getting bogged down by words then a photo blog or diary is a great way of showcasing content. You can tell wonderful stories by a list of relevant photos.

  • Our San Francisco Photo Diary
  • Experiencing Malta in Pictures
  • The Singapore and Hong Kong Picture Album
  • My Photo Blog of the Summer

Travel food and drink

A lot of travel bloggers focus on the wonderful food that they have experienced on their journeys and feature articles on places to eat or types of food. Fabulous advice especially if you are planning to visit the same locations.

  • Quebecs Best Poutine
  • Where to buy the best steak in New York
  • Fergburger – Probably the best burgers in the world
  • Our favourite fish’n chips in England
  • The Grizzly Bear Brewery

Personal stories and experiences

Now these can obviously be a combination of any of the categories mentioned so far but are really confined to those stories of something specific that happened to you. Like a diary entry or a short story.

  • Our Hotel Disaster in Marseilles
  • Getting robbed in Rio
  • Losing all my luggage in London
  • How my friends ruined my holiday
  • Finding love in the middle of nowhere
  • We loved Boston and everything about it

Travel Blog Title

Choosing a Travel Blog Post Title

You don’t have to take any of these examples word for word, although that’s perfectly okay. They are really supposed to inspiration for your own unique travel post title. Try mix and matching words from different examples or just changing the locations, who knows what you may end up with?

Change the nouns and verbs involved with the examples and see what you get. Words such as ‘amazing’, ‘stunning’, ‘unbelievable’ and ‘incredible’ can enhance your title.

Travel Blog Title

Online Blog Topic Generators

If none of these ideas float your boat then you could always give the online blog topic generator a try. These are websites that generate blog posts titles randomly for you. Sometimes good but often not so useful unfortunately. Here are a few of the more well known ones:

Hopefully this post has helped you with a new travel post title. Either through just taking one of the examples or through providing some inspiration and ideas for you to create your own unique title.

Don’t forget though, the better the post title the more visitors, clicks and traffic you will get. Good luck.

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