Cuckmere Haven and Seaford Head

Seaford Head and Cuckmere Haven

Weather hasn’t been great in England for a week or so but luckily it cleared up for our big day last week. You may remember that we are currently housesitting down in Hove for the summer but we also agreed to cover another sit for a few days up in East Grinstead.

How is that going to work I hear you ask. Well exactly the same as last summer when Jo headed off for the week to look after that sit whilst I remained in Hove. Simple. So Thursday was the big day and we decided on a day out down on the coast before Jo left for her week.

Seaford Head

Just a few miles from Brighton and Hove to the east is the lovely little town of Seaford which is right next to the famous Seven Sisters. So a short hop to South Hill Barn in the Seaford Head Nature Reserve and we were off in the sunshine to explore.

Cuckmere Haven
“View from Cuckmere Haven back up to the Cable Hut and the Coastguard Cottages”

Down South Hill towards the famous Coastguard Cottages for a bit of a picnic first. Those cottages have featured in so many big films and TV series you know, they don’t look much at the moment but the views and the atmosphere have a certain something. Seen any of these?

  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  • Atonement
  • Luther
  • Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
  • Foyle’s War
  • Green Wing

and of course the most famous of all …… Worzel Gummidge!

Amazing huh? Apologies in advance for virtually every photo showing the cliffs of the Seven Sisters but no excuses as they are absolutely stunning, especially in the glorious sunshine.

Seaford Head and Cuckmere Haven

The Seven Sisters

At the bottom of South Hill past the cottages and the Cable Hut we hit the beach and Cuckmere Haven. It was fairly busy with families and couples enjoying the weather but the beach is completely split by the Cuckmere River so there is no way of walking over to the Seven Sisters Country Park at all unfortunately. The white cliffs dominate though as they look spectacular.

Seven Sisters

They are called the Seven Sisters due to the seven chalk cliffs rising out of the English Channel and mark the beginning of the South Downs National Park. From west to east the peaks are called;

  • Haven Brow
  • Short Brow
  • Rough Brow
  • Brass Point
  • Flat Hill
  • Baily’s Hill
  • Went Hill Brow

Apparently there is an eighth peak slowly being created by gradual erosion of the sea. Flagstaff Point can be seen between Brass Point and Flat Hill but I have to say that we spent ages trying to figure out which one was which and just got more confused the more we looked.

Seaford Head and Cuckmere Haven

Hope Gap

From the beach we headed west along the coastal path around Seaford Head, past the golf course inland and down to Hope Gap. A tiny beach at the bottom of what looked very dodgy wooden stairs covered in beautiful little rockpools. Wonderful views from here too.

Hope Gap Seaford

Bizarrely we had watched a film on Netflix only a couple of days previous starring Bill Nighy and Annette Bening set in Seaford called ‘Hope Gap‘. What were the chances? A gentle English drama about an older couple set in a quintessentially quaint English seaside town, lovely film.

Hope Gap Seaford

On to Seaford

The cliff path along from Hope Gap towards Seaford passes through some wonderfully named locations like Cliff Bottom and Pope Rear Green (sound like a tragically unsuccessful folk rock duo don’t they?). Then past Buckle Church and Yellow Falls onto Seaford Head with it’s views down onto the town.

Seaford Head and Cuckmere Haven

With the sun streaming down we headed back to the South Hill Barn car park before parking on the esplanade and wandering around Seaford for an hour or so. Lovely place but we were disappointed not to see Bill Nighy anywhere!

Seaford Esplanade
“Seaford Museum is housed in Martello Tower number 74. The most westerly tower built around 1810”
Seaford Esplanade
“Seaford Esplanade lined with picturesque seaside properties”

Separate Ways Yet Again

Soon it was time to head back to Hove where Jo dropped me off before driving an hour north to East Grinstead to look after the lovely Maisie and her house for a week (Maisie in ‘Wet’ Sussex and The 9 Hour Housesit ). It’s a lovely place to be and a really comfortable house but we weren’t looking forward to being apart again. Not too long this time I suppose.

Seaford Head and Cuckmere Haven



  1. Those white cliffs are really something, the British coastline is spectacular. Also love the Martello tower, they are fascinating. There’s a property show- I think with George Clark- where someone converts one to live in. Definitely makes for a unique address.

    Liked by 2 people

    • It’s a lovely little town, the sort of place we could see ourselves living but looks a bit expensive. We’ll worth a visit especially as it’s so close to such lovely parks.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Enjoyed this Jon. Another trip back for me. Spent many a time over the years, visiting Seaford and the Downs. Great pictures. What a difference it makes when the sun is shining!

    Liked by 2 people

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