ThunderCats of Hove


If you are of a certain age you will know immediately what ThunderCats are but if, like us, you are not of that certain age then you won’t have a clue! When we arrived at our current summer-long housesit in Hove we met our two feline charges and were told that their names were Lionel and Chi. Seemed a little odd but lots of people (and cats) have odd names don’t they? So we just got on with it.

However, we had made a horrific mistake! Well perhaps not horrific but dreadful! Even dreadful may be exaggerating the situation a little I suppose, how about an awful mistake! Still seems a bit over the top. Let’s just say that we made a mistake and leave it at that.

The ThunderCats

A week or so back we had a visit from our hosts son who is the actual owner of the cats. They are staying here whilst he househunts in London. A really nice guy but during our chat he revealed that the cats were not named after an Argentinian footballer and the Japanese term for radiance and vitality but rather after cartoon characters.

Back in the late 1980s there was apparently a TV cartoon called ThunderCats about a fictional group of cat-like humanoid aliens on Third Earth (not a true story amazingly). We hadn’t heard of it, sometimes these shows pass you by depending on your age or the age of your children and that’s exactly what had happened to us.


So our two little friends are not called Lionel and Chi at all. We discovered that they are actually called Lion-O and Cheetara. So obvious to some but completely out of left field for us!

Lion-O and Cheetara

Apparently Lion-O is the Lord of the ThunderCats which is completely at odds with the Lion-O that we have got to know. Our Lion-O is an anxious, slightly cowardly, indoor-loving character who hates walking on the grass and is terrified of the wind and any suspicious leaves.

Lion-O the Thundercat
“Lion-O the ThunderCat”

Cheetara however is an adventurous, scared-of-nothing, fighter who loves being outside and patrols the garden as if it’s her own personal territory. Facing up to any other cat that dares to enter her domain and more than happy to chase birds and squirrels at any given moment (Lion-O is obviously terrified of birds, squirrels, twigs, and anything else out of the ordinary).

Cheetara the ThunderCat
“Cheetara the ThunderCat”


Now neither of us are traditionally cat-lovers, we have never had our own cat and pretty much all of our housesits have been for dogs. We have had cats to look after but generally as companions to the dog. Cats always seem to do their own thing and regard the humans as their servants rather than their friends. I know that so many people absolutely adore their catty-friends and I’m not ‘dissing‘ them just saying that we have always been slightly ambivalent to them.

That has seriously changed during this sit with these two ThunderCats. While Cheetara is a lovely affectionate character it is Lion-O that has really taken us by surprise. Especially me. He is a strange, skittish little fella who follows us around indoors, occasionally ventures out if it looks safe and we are around, and talks and reacts bizarrely at random times and places all over the house. He’s so funny.

Lion-O the ThunderCat
“Lion-O spying on us through the kitchen window when he somehow got trapped in the big bad outside world”

Always falling off shelves and cupboards that he has climbed without knowing why. Running scared from flys and spiders. Attacking non-existent foes on the stairs. A real one-off.

Lion-O the ThunderCat
“Our absolute favourite photo of the Lord of the ThunderCats”
Cheetara the ThunderCat
“Cheetara looking a strange colour but still with one eye on potential intruders”

So although we don’t see ourselves as cat-people little Lion-O, and Cheetara, have really grabbed our affections and we’re seriously enjoying their company here. Gonna miss them when we leave next week.

Cheetara and Jo

Cats eh? Who would have thought it?

15/08 – 30/08/2021


  1. In three weeks time, helping out a friend whilst they move from Derbyshire to just down the road from us here, we shall be looking after their cat Twizzle. Never having had a cat before, this is going to be new to us. Apparently after two weeks of house arrest, he can be let out. To cause havoc- he is a skillful hunter – perhaps I should notify the neighbourhood.

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  2. I’ve always had a cat, and one thing I’ve learned from them is that no matter how nice they are you never own one, you simply serve them. These do look adorable though and like many, appear to have their own wonderful individual personalities.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m aware of the ThunderCats, but the show ended when I was 4, so I don’t remember really ever watching it since I was a little bit young for it (I was much more of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan). I think I like Lionel better as a name (since it’s the name of a character in one of my favourite films), but he looks like a charming cat regardless.

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  4. Once you’ve tamed a cat who was a human hater from previous bad experiences, you’ll be absolutely hooked. I’ve always been a cat lover, but having had the experience of taming a human hater successfully, well now they just melt my heart. Did you know that a slow blink is the equivalent of a cat kiss, a real act of endearment. Try it.

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  5. ‘The domestic cat needs no description. It is a deceitful animal and when enraged extremely spiteful.’ Noah Webster. But then they can be amazingly affectionate until you discover and give them what they want! I could get on with those 2 Jon.

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  6. Lovely cats 🐱 Lionel’s a star! We always had cats growing up so I love them! But as I moved away from home, I usually ended up having a dog that unfortunately didn’t get on with cats. Hope your both keeping well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The cats and especially Lionel, really won us over as we are probably dog people. They were great company and real little characters. We’re both great thanks Liz, hope things are good out in the sunshine with you too?

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  7. I was grinning right from the beginning. Our son was born in 1984 and by the age of 4 spent
    Much time running through the house at top volume ‘
    THUNDER, THUNDER, THUNDERCATS HO!’ I love that these gorgeous felines are named after the show.
    Beautiful photos and glad the kitties turned out to be a good fit for your summer house sit.

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