On the Road Again!

On the Road Again

Our seven week housesit in Hove on the Kent coast has come to an end. It’s our second summer down here and it’s been absolutely brilliant. Slightly different to last year with the addition of a couple of cute little cats this time but if anything that made it more interesting. Lionel and Cheetara (the cats) were great company and real characters (ThunderCats of Hove). We are definitely going to miss them.

“Lion-O (or Lionel as we preferred) and Cheetara – The ThunderCats”
Hove Cat

One of Jo’s favourite songs which always reminds her of her Dad is “On the Road Again “by Willie Nelson. Seems oddly appropriate for us at the moment too and is the first song that she always always sings whenever we set off on a car journey. Gets in my ear and in my head and I can never shake it after that! A real ear worm.

Hove Sea Swim
“Jo is really going to miss her daily swims at Hove Beach”

From County to County

Our plan after Hove was a bit of a random one with a weeks accommodation booked at our go-to budget Premier Inn, but at multiple locations. With us always scouring the online prices of multiple hotels and Airbnbs we try and move whenever we can see a bargain stay. So it was East Sussex up to Kent initially.

So it was this week. Up to Wateringbury, near Maidstone, for a couple of nights. Some medical appointments, a few things to pick up from our little storage unit, a lovely bbq with Jo’s brother Leigh and his wife Mandy, and a catch up with her friend Wendy. Busy few days before heading off on the road again (thanks Willie …..)

Meopham sunset

Wateringbury to Teston

Whilst we were staying in Wateringbury the weather turned Caribbean-like so we headed out for a glorious sunshine walk along the River Medway towards Teston Lock. A round trip of just under 6 miles along the Medway Valley Walk which runs from Tonbridge to Rochester. The whole walk is 28 miles so we really only dipped out toes although over the years we’ve probably completed a fair bit of it in fits and starts.

The River Medway is so quiet and peaceful here and we found ourselves in beautiful sunshine with hardly a boat to be seen or any other walkers until we got the the edge of Teston Country Park and the lock. Still not busy though.

Medway River Walk

Teston holds so many memories for our family as we used to live a few miles away and spent so many days picnicking on the grass and having fun with our three wonderful sons. We could almost hear their excited voices and see them charging around as we sat enjoying our own picnic.

We remembered days out with friends and family and particularly a Cub Scout Duck Race that was held here every year involving hundreds of little yellow ducks and even more people supporting and socialising. Lovely memories.

Medway River Walk
Teston Country Park
Medway River Walk

On our return to Wateringbury we passed a small meadow where a tree was planted back in 1990 in memory of my Dad who sadly passed away that year. My Mum thought it would be a lovely place to visit and remember him but as the years passed we all completely forgot where the tree was! With the small wooden plaque long-gone all we could do was imagine which tree it may be. Didn’t really matter though as my Dad is never far from my thoughts and lives on inside all of us.

A wonderful walk that took us back to people and places that we love with so many memories and stories to chat about as we wandered back in time.

Medway River Walk

Heading West

All too soon it was time to pack those rucksacks again and take Willie Nelsons advice once more. ‘On the road again’ to Newbury in Berkshire, or is it Royal Berkshire? I’m never quite sure. A few days in another Premier Inn to explore and find out a little more about that part of the world.

Medway River Walk

06/09 – 13/09/2021

On the Road Again


    • The Kent countryside is so underrated but so beautiful. Loads to see and explore all over the county. Don’t think Jo will ever get tired of On the Road Again.


  1. Glad you enjoyed your second stay in Hove Jon. I know I’m biased, but I love B&H seafront. Nice to see you “On the Road” again. I too like that song and it is very apt for your lifestyle. Although I have been to Kent a few times over the years, I never really appreciated its beauty. It really is a lovely place and your pictures highlight that. Good luck with your next travels and I look forward to reading all about it.

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