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This is my short and sweet self-indulgent post about friends and family.  We keep asking ourselves, where did those few weeks back in the UK go?  We knew it was going to be quite a happy and busy time but I don’t think either of us were prepared for just fast the time would go.  Having said that, we have had such a great time with everyone and it felt like Christmas every day.  We only feel sorry that there wasn’t enough time to fit all our family and friends in.

Following our 6 days in France, we met up with friends who were former colleagues in Maidstone.  The KP mob were in the bar, whereas the KCC and education crew were at the same venue but enjoying the al fresco experience.  Lots of laughs, gossip and anecdotes to catch up on, as well as the inevitable questions about travelling life. Stick with us for the next adventure you loyal blog readers.

Great night at the Brenchley with Ben and our JWalking Number One Commenter Mayo.
Great night at the Brenchley with Ben and our JWalking Number One Commenter Mayo.

The socialising did not stop there – it was only the beginning. After a tearful reunion with Jon’s Mum, who was convinced she would never see him again, and the housekeeping jobs of dentists and doctors, we had a tapas lunch with Angie and Martyn.  They were inspired by a recent trip to Spain.  We were in our time warp again where time just vanishes (as well as the wine, beer, cherry brandy, Prosecco and Lemoncello that we managed to consume).

Other friends we managed to pin down to listen to our incessant travelling stories were Trevor, Sharon and Barnaby, Keith and Nicola, Wendy, and finally Caroline, Tim and Holly (the cute westie).  There are a few photos of these reunions but I have been shockingly poor on the photographic front recently.

UK Friends - Wendy

UK Friends - Caroline Tim

And then there was the precious time spent with our three sons and their beautiful other halves.  Shaun and our daughter-in-law-to-be, Katie, Sam and our daughter-in-law, Tabitha, and Ryan and girlfriend-in-law, Ella. The wedding planning has started for the “fonced” couple and they have promised to keep us updated (you better!!)  Also Shaun and Katie and Sam and Tabitha had moved house since we last saw them last September so it was exciting to see their new places and how incredibly homely each place was.  We even managed to all get together one day at Sam and Tabitha’s place near Bromley for a walk in the park, dinner and games.  Our unashamedly biased opinion is that we have the best family in the world and we are so proud of them and their individual achievements.  But best of all they are all happy (despite being abandoned by their travelling parents, I hear them shout).

Shaun and Katie 'Risk'in in Hitchin
Shaun and Katie ‘Risk’in in Hitchin
UK Friends - Sam Tabitha
Sam and Tabitha
UK Family - Ryan Ella
Ryan and Ella

It has been an emotional few weeks with long awaited reunions and, all too quickly, the subsequent goodbyes. And this is without even mentioning the stress of the T20 cricket semi-final and final. In three and a half weeks, we somehow managed to travel to two regions of southern France and ten counties in southern England (and this was the breather from travelling).  We loved every minute and feel ready for JWalking2.  Virgin Atlantic flight to Las Vegas departs in two days.  The adventure continues.

Great to see you boys!
Great to see you boys!

18.3 – 5.4.2016


  1. Do I get paid for my intellectual property rights? Brilliant to see you both and hear just some of your tales. It was, sadly, far too brief. Good luck in the USA and here’s to more fabulous adventures. And blogs of course. Catch me if you can fellow Commenters!

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    • You have set the bar very high for commenting but we are not so sure about the “intellectual” property rights thing. You have taken it a step too far now. Bring on the next adventure and good luck keeping pole position. J


  2. Looking forward to hearing your tales from Vegas! We got married there!! Who knows, in a few months/years time you might make it to sunny Finstock to see the rellies!! If your travels take you that far, that is. Goodluck and have fun!!
    Kate and Vic xx

    Liked by 2 people

    • Sunny Finstock is definitely on our list. It is too long since we saw you and were there last. Keep your fingers crossed for a big Black Jack win to help us get to you. J & J


  3. It was wonderful to see you, although you know that already. It is always too long between catch-ups at the moment but the ‘KCC and Education’ girls and I will be waiting when you eventually return. Keep the blog posts coming, nothing gets my day off to a better start than a wave of abject jealousy! Love to you both x

    Liked by 2 people

    • Great to see you and your lovely new home. Time will fly by I am sure and December Pink is a must. Keep that abject jealousy in check by remembering you have clothes, furniture and cookery books (which are fab). Jx


  4. So nice to see you glowing with your family and friends, you may the happiest copple of the world! Have a good journey and enjoy, hope to see the new stories and I am looking forward to it, dear regards Tonia

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  5. Can’t believe it is almost a year ago we started our journey by meeting you in Nijmegen. So pleased you like our blog and we should plan a reunion for 2017! Get the bikes ready!! J and J x


  6. Bon voyage!! Lovely to see you both. Don’t forget to write your travel book so that we can follow in your footsteps without doing any research!!! Love to you both xxxxxx

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