Life at White Colne

Life (and the weather) at White Colne has been fabulous for the three weeks in September that we were house-sitting. Apart from one day of rain which we were prepared for but one random downpour crept up on us on our walk. Two drowned rats who needed more towels than Ed who we were walking but on the up side it resulted in a stunning sunset that evening.

Lunch “at ours”

Simon and Mary, who we were sitting for, kindly said we could invite our sons up to their house for the day. It was so lovely to be able to cook for Shaun and Katie, then Ryan and Ella lunch, chat and play a few games. Our youngest son Ryan even took the opportunity to teach his girlfriend, Ella, to play chess. Thank you so much Mary and Simon for making this offer – as we are away quite a bit time with family is so precious and to be able to cook for them rather than eat out is a real treat.

“Ed was sad to see his new friends go”


Before we move on from this house sit, we should mention the nearest town, Halstead. We visited this town many years ago when my step-father lived a stone’s throw away in Little Maplestead. There is a large mill on the river which dates back to when weaving, as with other places we have visited in this area, was the main industry. Some of the buildings have been well preserved and others are undergoing a facelift. It is a busy town that has so many barbers, charity shops and cafes that the whole surrounding area must be the most coiffured, economically dressed and well-fed in the county.

“The Bull in Halstead”
“Halstead Church”
“Halstead Public Gardens”

Moving on……..

The time all too quickly has come around for us to move on. Leaving is always quite a toughie especially when we have got to know Mary, Simon and Ed so well.  The weather turned autumnal just as we were leaving but a few days before we managed one last swim. Purely for exercise of course because you can’t stay still for too long!

It was time to pack the bags and head for the station. It then became apparent that it wasn’t just us that was struggling with the separation issues. Ed was obviously trying to sneak in the boot with our bags. Shame that Simon and Mary noticed we could have been JWalkers + 1.

21/09 – 25/09/2018


  1. I was helping my grandson with chess on the weekend. I explained that I knew the moves, but that I’m not a good player, clearly – because he beat me. Goodness me, I’m pleased Ed was noticed in the boot. If the dogs you care for managed to sneak into your luggage at departure time you’d be the head of a sizeable pack by now. They certainly connect with you. Gorgeous post by the way.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Chris. So pleased that chess is being passed onto the next generation. Like you I know the moves but can’t think strategically far ahead to ever beat Jon. (Can you keep a secret? I try and dognap most of our four legged friends but don’t tell Jon!)

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    • It is a gorgeous home and such a generous family to offer us to share it with our family for a visit or two. Love to go back and, as always, who knows what the future holds.

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  2. I love your pic of Ed trying to sneak with your luggage. It is hard to say goodbye to these new friends, but nice that you can have good memories without all the ongoing responsibility of pet ownership. Lovely that you got time with family too. Where to now?

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  3. You always say that travelling is so much about the people you meet along the way and Mary & Simon seem to be a perfect example of good people who help to make your travels special. It was very generous of them to open up their house (and pool) to entertain the family. Good luck in Holland and Norway.

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