Lockdown: An Alphabet of Isolation

Lockdown: A to Z of Isolation

We came across this photo challenge in a post by Deb on her blog Deb’s World. Basically to take photos from A-Z during lockdown. I think hers were taken over the course of a few weeks and she is going to have them printed into an album as a lockdown memory book. Mine are just for the pleasure of completing the challenge that Jonno set me. It certainly made me look more closely around especially on our lovely daily walk.

The aim was to capture a flavour of just one day but I seemed to end up with too many photos for “C” and “S”. Why is that? Anyway here goes……..

An Alphabet of Isolation

I have tried not to be too creative with use of the alphabet but here is a brief translation just in case.

  • A – Abandoned Tractor (needs the repair shop)
  • B – Beach (perfect)
  • C- Covid-19 Poster (helpful reminders)
  • D – Diary (on hold)
  • E – Endless Summer Holiday Let (one day)
  • F – Forda Hidden Valley (not the official name!!)
  • G – Garlic (wild)
  • H – Horse Box (sadly no horse)
  • I – Instagram (to keep in touch)
  • J – Jelly fish (possibly dead!)
  • K – Knitting project (ongoing)
  • L – Lycra (don’t ask)
  • M – Monarchs (we are learning)
  • N- National Elf Service  (clap! clap!)
  • O – Olive Oil (for cooking up a storm)
  • P – Projector (a film archive project)
  • Q – Quiz Night Prep (help!)
  • R – Rabbit Nature Watch Poster (none sighted)
  • S – Sheep (loads and loads)
  • T – Tomato Plants (adopted)
  • U – Upcott Farm (lucky find)
  • V – Vitamins (daily)
  • W – Washing (necessity)
  • X – Xmas Cake Tin (for Jonno’s cheese scones)
  • Y – Yoghurt (with fruit)
  • Z – Zipwire (what a find – my back up was an American courgette)

I am not sure what the choices say about me and my mindset . I hope it comes across as fairly positive, apart from the abandoned tractor perhaps and quiz night preparation that gives me nightmares but all worthwhile to spend time on line with family.

Wishing you all a continued healthy A-Z lockdown.



  1. Nice idea that. I might give it a go but I don’t think the inside of my house and the supermarket will generate quite as interesting a portfolio! I was expecting to see coffee for C.

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    • Go for it. You will be surprised what you can put together. C was going to be coffee. I even took the photo but the poster somehow captured the essence of the post.


  2. What a great idea… I’m going to have to start doing this (although I’m not getting out very much so not sure what I’ll find to photograph!). I need something else to keep me occupied during lockdown!


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