Leaving Hove, our longest housesit ever!

After seven wonderful weeks housesitting in Hove we are preparing to leave and it feels very strange after such a long stay, almost as if we were leaving our home again. We’ve looked after the house and garden and of course the huge number of exotic plants but not having a pet has made it even more relaxing. Like a long holiday perhaps.

(It’s not all like the main photo though, I just loved the moody sky and wild feel)

We have fallen into a lovely relaxing routine here too with regular walks and trips to the beach alongside lots of reading, games and a few movies. Completely different to our travelling lives over the past five years but we’ve seriously enjoyed every minute.

Time to move on

It’s almost time to move on though and apart from cleaning and gardening before we leave we have to pack those rucksacks again and it’s been months since they were used. Tomorrow’s the big day for laying out everything and attempting the big pack-up. The thought of doing it is always far worse than the actual packing though. Then we finally leave on Friday morning.

We’ve been busy lately with arrangements and planning and it looks like we are now booked until mid-November with several visits to see family and friends, a few housesits, and a couple of backpacking trips of our own. Exciting to be back on the road and doing what we love again. Not sure what happens after November but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Housesitting in Hove

It was through social media contacts that we got this sit and we can’t thank Angela from TrustedHouseSitters enough for making it all possible. Hopefully our hosts Karin and Helmut will return from Sweden pleased with our housesitting skills and be interested in us returning next year. We’ll see ……

Brighton and the South Downs

We knew all about Brighton previously and had visited a few times but it’s been a blast exploring Hove and especially the nearby South Downs. Some of our days out and long hikes have been epic and we would love to get back down here again soon.

Ditchling Beacon - South Downs
Brighton Pier
Ditchling Beacon - South Downs

Part of our JWalking philosophy is to try and make the most of every opportunity that we are presented with and we really feel that we have the made the most of this housesit in beautiful Hove. It has really become our home over these past weeks and we feel so comfortable and at ease living here. Gonna miss the place when we leave.

27/08 – 04/09/2020


    • Thanks Laci, it’s been a beautiful place to stay through the summer and we’ve been lucky with wonderful weather too. Looking forward to seeing family and friends next week but sad to leave.

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    • It is very strange to be leaving tomorrow after all this time. Feels almost like home and the packing is going to be a challenge today, seem to have more stuff than we arrived with.

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  1. I’m glad you enjoyed Hove and the house sit. I enjoyed reading all about it!
    Love the pictures as well.
    Good luck with your next adventures and
    safe journeys wherever you go😊

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  2. It must have been a huge relief to have found a long sit especially in such a gorgeous house, and in such difficult and uncertain times. Good luck in the next one, hopefully things are now picking up and travels can begin again.

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    • We were so lucky to be able to stay here, it’s been fabulous. Hopefully they might ask us back next year. Fingers crossed the uncertain times we are living in start to improve now.

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    • No chance. Nice to be settled through the covid summer and enjoyed Hove a lot. Be great to get back next year. Bit of backpacking currently through London and Kent seeing the boys.


  3. I honestly think I’d find looking after exotic plants more stressful than looking after a pet. I know how to keep a dog or cat alive, but I really struggle where plants are concerned – I think I’m giving my houseplants what they need, but they keep dying on me! Glad nothing went wrong for you, and you had a nice stay!

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  4. Wow, sounds amazing, and what a lot of house plants!! Your photos of the South Downs are making me want to go…now!! I’m torn between that and starting the Thames Path…although I think the Thames will probably win….love that river, and the SD the year after. What a wonderful adventurous life you folks lead. Everyone should take a page out of your book….

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    • Thanks it was a fabulous housesit which hopefully we will get to do again next summer. Those South Downs walks were so good. Bridges and Thames Path walk was probably better though, a real challenge.

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