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How many Travel Blogs are out there? Over 20? Hundreds? It must be thousands surely? Some of them are so professional and look as though a team of highly skilled web developers are behind them. Others have pages and pages of fantastically useful information. And unfortunately others are not worth the paper they are written on! So how do you tell which ones are worth giving your valuable time to?

How can you find a Good Travel Blog?

No simple answer to this. The usual web answer of separating quality from dross is just trial and error I’m afraid. We’ve all searched Google for subjects and spent ages going through terrible websites before we find one that fulfills our needs. Travel blogs are not really any different sadly. There are a few ways of making the experience less painful of course;

  • Recommendations

    Absolutely the best way of finding the best sites. Someone you know recommends a decent travel blog and you trust their judgement. Simple. Best 9 Travel Blogs Ever.

  • Top 10 or Top 20 Lists

    There are a few sites around that detail their Top 20 Travel Blogs or Top 50 or whatever. Some give out annual awards, some just keep an updated chart. These sites are great for looking at the big boys of travel blogging and seeing how their sites look. Always interesting to dip in and check out a few of these. All pretty good sites.

  • Hard work

    As I said it can sometimes just be trial and error. Searching for ‘ Best Travel Blogs‘ is great but I suppose everyone thinks their blog is great don’t they?

How do you Write a Good Travel Blog

Well there are a hundred different sites out there happy to take your hard earned money and ‘tell you the secret of writing great blogs‘. There are countless books to buy about it and even probably courses to go on. All cost money of course and in all honesty none of them worth it at all.

There is no secret. It’s well known by all bloggers.

Three Things needed to Write a Good Travel Blog

  1. Hard work.
  2. Confidence.
  3. Niche.

The first two are obvious but the third is not so. All of the successful bloggers have a niche of their own that sets their work apart from all of the others. For instance in the travel blog arena there are Cycling blogs, Food and Drink blogs, Couples blogs, Adventurer blogs, and on and on. You need to find your own niche rather than just be a generic diary blogger.

Why Write a Travel Blog?

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