Nijmegen: And So It Begins

Groesbeek Nijmegen Airbnb

Suddenly seems a little surreal to actually be here in Holland after all the weeks and months of planning and organising.

Day One was such a long one, up at 3 then breakfast at 4 before check-in at 5. So early! Good journey though as we got to Weeze on time and picked up the minibus with no problems. Very strange flying into my old RAF station though, it’s no longer RAF Laarbruch but has become Dusseldorf/Weeze airport. Managed to have a good wander round before the bus came and most of the old buildings are still there. Brought back so many memories of people and events that I thought I had long forgotten. Great days.

Very emotional journey to Nijmegen too as we passed by so many places that we knew from the RAF years, even the house that we used to live in. So very strange after all of this time.

So to Nijmegen where our hostess Tonia was waiting for us. Lovely lady who speaks brilliant English (always so embarrassed that we are so hopeless with foreign languages, especially Dutch which is virtually impossible). Quick visit to a fabulous local bakery as we must have looked hungry then to Groesbeek, south east of Nijmegen, where Tonia showed us to our new home.

Groesbeek Airbnb

So much better than we could have expected. Everything we need in a beautiful location. Lots of quirky bits and bobs which i won’t bore you with yet, later maybe.

Both shattered so did a quick walk around Groesbeek, had a couple of schnitzels in the Africa House (what the hell is that?), and did a bit of reading before bed. Jo loved the hanging swinging swing thing obviously.

And made me sit in it for a while too as she thought that was so very funny! With my one and only book ! It’s brilliant though.



  1. Great to here that all the planning has started so well.
    The “Shed” looks great, don’t know what you were worried about.
    Am intrigued by the Africa House, need more details once you have your head round it.
    All the Best.
    Martyn & Angie

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    • Not really sure if it’s a shed, a chalet, or a hut! It’s perfect for us whatever it is. The Africa House is great too! Tell you about that later. We’re just relaxing and slowing down into our new life now.


    • Book is Replay by Ken Grimwood, time travel science fiction novel. I love time travel stories and it’s one of the best.
      Hope you’ve sorted the mascara out now, don’t want you scaring the children!


  2. LooIs delightful. I too live in a shed, albeit in the Surrey Hills – couldn’t afford a house there. I love my shed, easy living and as close as I am going to get to moving out of the rat race for the time being. Loving your blogs and am eagerly waiting for next instalments cousins, curious to how u get on, envious that it’s u and not me xxx enjoys your adventures xxxx

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    • Hey, not sure your place is really a shed is it? Much nicer than that. Ours is either a shed, a chalet, a hut or maybe even a lodge, it’s small but just what we need. We’re just slowing down and getting used to no work and no time constraints. So far so good.


  3. ‘La remise’ (look in the French dictionary) looks ideal. I am sure all the RAF memories were good ones. What about some interior pics?


    • Is La Remise “delivery” or “arrival”. My French is not what it was. All happy memories of RAF days, just strange to see it all again after all these years. Will take some interior pics as well to upload. Hope you are both well and hope the sorting is going well.


    • So far so good Jimmy. Been out on the bikes today but luckily no crashes yet. Jo knows the correct hand-signals!!


  4. Hi Jon! (And Jo).

    Sounds like you’re already having a fantastic time – great news. Have been thinking about you both lots and wondering how you’re settling into your new life – it’s all so exciting for you. The trip down memory lane sounds incredible too.

    Your accommodation is charming and i’m sure has everything you need. What a fantastic place to stay. It looks like a lovely location too and seems as though the weather has been on your side?

    Wishing you both all the very best, and already looking forward to reading your next entry. Please do keep posting lots of photos!

    Charlotte xx


    • Hey Charlotte. Thanks for the comment, we’re having an amazing time so far. So relaxed and so far away from our old lives. Getting hotter today so been out cycling through the forest. Hope all is good with you.


  5. Loving the blog – it’s brilliant. Reading this is helping us all to not miss you too much! (Well, OK, missing you LOADS, but, enjoying all the updates). Have fun. x


    • I bet they’ve all forgotten I was even there! Still employed until Wednesday though so could potentially come back! Need to think about that a little ……… maybe not.


  6. Remember my comment, ‘you have legs’! Nice to see them out and about!! Looks lovely, such a pretty little house thing and you both look so happy – I am going to enjoy reading about your adventures 🙂


    • Far too hot to not wear shorts at the moment! It is lovely actually, we’ve been so lucky in having such a great place with such friendly hosts.


  7. Looks amazing, glad you are both enjoying the start of your adventure. So wish I could escape the clutches of the beast that is KP, not jealous at all. Loving the updates, keep ’em coming!


    • It’s turning out so much better than we could ever have imagined Martin. Can’t recommend it highly enough. Thanks for following the blog, really appreciate it. Spread the word.


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