So long and thanks for all the fish

Tricky things goodbyes, they sneak up on you when you think you have tons of time and wham! It’s suddenly time to go and time to say goodbye to everyone who’s anyone in your life.

Neither of us are keen on long drawn out goodbyes and the we’re not actually going  to be away for that long initially, only 3 months before we are back for a few days. With so much to organise and sort with leaving the rented house, and getting rid of all the furniture, and charity-shopping so much stuff, and packing, we sort of forgot to worry too much about farewells.

After ten years at KP I wasn’t too sad to leave but must admit that I was touched by the lovely heartfelt comments and sincere wishes from so many colleagues in the last couple of days. Although the job wasn’t a lot of fun recently, I will really miss so many of the people. You all need to keep in touch, as I do, and leave nice comments all over this blog thing.

Holiday Inn Stansted airport

Left my Mums house in Maidstone today and currently resting up at the Holiday Inn at Stansted airport ready for our flight away early tomorrow. Breakfast at 4am will be fun, maybe, and then we’re gone!

Holiday Inn Stansted Airport

May 2015


    • Made it to the first location with no problems. Despite some jokes that we would end up in a cellar somewhere never to be seen again. Thank you for your good wishes. Went past where you used to live yesterday, Pfalzdorf, on a bus plus Weeze, Goch and Kleve. Not changed greatly. More detail in the most recent blog post. xx


    • So pleased you are following our adventure. We hope to keep the updates interesting and use them as a diary of our experiences (good and bad).
      Say hi to any MKCers that you are in touch with. x


    • Cheeky! Not sure who you trying to offend here. Me because I am too heavy to lift or Dad because he can still lift me. Either way it made us smile. Keep the comments coming. Miss you.


  1. Hope your first flight left on time and was uneventful. Have you got an itinerary listed on your blog?xx


    • Thanks Dawn. Journey was pretty good and all went according to plan. Haven’t got an itinerary published yet, got a month here in Nijmegen first to relax so going to make the most of that.


    • Great that you are JWalking with us via the blog. Hope to keep it as lively as possible. There have been a lot of “to do” lists to get us to this point but it has all been worthwhile. Off to explore Groesbeek now and might have to sample the local beverages.


    • Will do but all a bit surreal at the moment. We love our little lodge – it has all we need (including 2 sheep for neighbours). It seems a long way from Business Services@MKC but we are fulfilling a life long dream. Hope all is well with you and say hello to all my lovely ex-colleagues. Reunion required on return from said adventure. Jx


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