Five Counties in Eight Days

Kent in the Snow

Hey, remember us? Sorry it’s been a while since the last post but we’re still adjusting to this new housesitting life and trying to get into some sort of routine. Not easy sometimes when we seem to be forever on the move. We haven’t really known what day of the week it is recently to be honest.

Apologies are in order for our slack attitude to both blogging and emailing since Christmas. We’re completely behind on replying to so many of your mails and totally unhinged blogging-wise. I promise that will change now. We’re both focused and back in the zone.

Kent: Winter on the North Downs

Still housesitting in a beautiful house in Kemsing, Kent right on the edge of the North Downs with Latika the Border Collie. Fabulous countryside all around with amazing walks which got even better with a fairly heavy snowfall. Suddenly it all looked even better, picture postcard perfect in fact.

Snow in Kent

Snow in Kent

The twice daily walks got even longer as we enjoyed the snowy tracks and fields and could finally see what on earth Latika was smelling as the Fox tracks were now visible. Obviously I couldn’t resist building a snowman, it’s the law isn’t it? End result was pretty poor but its the effort that counts surely?

Snow in Kent

Snow in Kent

Our week in Kemsing rushed by and before we knew it Rosemary and Roger had returned and we were on our way back to Maidstone for the night and a budget stopover at the Travelodge on the Medway. We’re regulars now.

Surrey: Ryans Birthday

Another train trip across Kent and Sussex into Surrey to see our youngest son for his birthday and spend a couple of days with him and his wonderful girlfriend Ella. They are such good company and we all enjoyed a fantastic meal out at The Bletchingley Arms. Thoroughly recommended and will definitely go back next time we’re in the area.

Bletchingley Arms

Managed to share the first part of his birthday with him before setting off again although we didn’t feel so bad as Ella had a special trip to Prague ready to surprise him with that evening.

Hertfordshire: Across London to Hitchin

From Redhill another train journey this time right through the middle of London and fabulous to see our oldest son Shaun and his bride-to-be Katie in Hitchin for a few days. The wedding isn’t until July but I there’s so much to get arranged and of course hen and stag weekends to attend. We’re probably far too old and well out of practice but neither of us would miss them for the world. Could be embarrassing ……..


Leicestershire: Great Glen and Old Friends

Yet another train journey up to Leicester where we stayed a couple of days in the village of Great Glen with our great friends Jackie and Trevor. For those that don’t know, we lived up there over 20 years ago and all three of the boys were actually born there. In fact the St Cuthberts Church in Great Glen was where Shaun was christened over 27 years ago! Makes us feel seriously old.

St Cuthberts Church, Great Glen, Leicestershire
St Cuthberts Church, Great Glen, Leicestershire

It was terrific to see Jackie and Trevor but the real star of our stay was undoubtedly their daughter Sarah’s little girl Lottie. She’s almost one year old and is absolutely adorable. She has the whole family wrapped around her little finger and it took seconds to captivate us as well. Sarah has always been my absolute favourite girl (sorry Jo) but Lottie is now pushing her for top spot.



It’s amazing just how much time you can waste playing with, cuddling, and just watching these little people. Crazy. We did manage to get out of the house and had a terrific day at Foxton Locks on the Grand Union Canal where there are ten locks one after the other running down the hill. They’re called staircase locks and Foxton is the biggest flight on the English canal system. Really impressive and brilliant to walk around even with a pushchair.

Top of the staircase
Top of the staircase
Jo and Jackie (bit squinty sorry)
Jo and Jackie (bit squinty sorry)

Foxton Locks

Essex: Short Break in Historic Colchester

This whole housesitting thing is seriously getting out of hand. From Leicester we needed to get across country to East Anglia but of course all trains from anywhere only go in to London so it was a bit of a trek involving 3 changes and 4 trains. No problem for seasoned JWalkers obviously and we headed for Colchester where we planned to spend a couple of days before starting Housesitting Assignment Number Three.


Colchester looked such a historic interesting city that we couldn’t pass up exploring and finding out a bit more about it. One of the reasons for housesitting in the UK in 2017 was to see more places in our own country and this is a perfect opportunity. So get ready for a history lesson from Jo in the next post.

Wet weather JWalking

10/1 – 22/1/2017


  1. Hi Jon and Jo looks like you are having a great time. Do you miss latika? Not long till Shaun and Katie’s wedding. What another exciting year for you all. Holly and Phil have also chosen July but unfortunately I have to wait till 2018! Lots of love Wendy x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey Jo and John

    Beautiful photos makes me feel like making a trip back.
    It’s great reading your posts and keeping up with your travels.
    Take care
    Love Shelagh xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Shelagh, so far so good. Really enjoying the Housesitting and our new UK tour. No snakes anywhere or strange men coming into our bedroom in the middle of the night though!


  3. Wow….I am seriously struggling to keep up with you too. Please let us know if you are back this way anytime and we can catch up for a coffee. Still enjoying reading your blogs and the photos are truly lovely.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Welcome back chaps. It all looks great but don’t the place names lack the magic of foreign cities. I mean, Hitchin! At least it’s better than Slough or Staines. Good luck with the housesitting.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Awesome, Jon and Jo! Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit. I love the post from England, it’s one of my favorite countries I’ve never been to! 🙂

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  6. Hi, great article, we too would love to get into house/animal sitting but we are scared to spend on registration fees and not get anything. We are in Sicily right now and would like to stay a little longer. Looking forward to reading more of your adventures.DL

    Liked by 1 person

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