Are we pleased to be back in England?

England UK

‘The more you travel the more you appreciate home’. That’s so very true. There is nothing quite like travel to make you truly realise just what you have left back home. Wherever we are we often chat about what we’re missing from home and whether we could settle down and live somewhere else.

On our travels we get asked the same range of questions constantly so let’s address a few of those now.

Are we pleased to be back in England?

Of course we are. It feels great to be back in our home country. However much we enjoy travelling it’s always lovely to return home. When I talk about home I mean England rather than a specific town or village. And as we don’t actually have a house to live in anywhere it can be anywhere in Englands green and pleasant land.

England UK

Are we going to move to New Zealand?

We have recently returned from our second three month trip to New Zealand and absolutely love the place. The people are so welcoming, the scenery unbelievably beautiful, and the whole atmosphere just so friendly and it is without doubt our favourite country in the world. Everyone we met and friends back home continually ask us if we will move out there as we love it so much. It seems a ‘no brainer’ doesn’t it? We love travel and we love New Zealand.

However, it’s not home.

What do we miss whilst we’re away?

So many crazy little things that are seemingly unimportant actually become more important when you can’t have them. Does that make sense? Perhaps they really aren’t important but each one is like another straw on the camels back and they start to get heavy after a while.

Things we missed whilst travelling include sausage rolls, cup-a-soups, pubs, decent TV, proper bacon sandwiches, frosty mornings, football (not soccer), good newspapers, historic buildings, and the different seasons. Oh and family and friends of course, did I forget to mention them?

Have we made any new friends?

One of the most surprising things to have come out of our travelling is the number of new friends that we have made all over the world. We never imagined for a moment when we first set out that we would actually strike up any new real friendships but we have been absolutely amazed at the number of wonderfully interesting people that we have met. In fact, we have got on so well with many of them that we have become firm friends. It’s been a revelation.

So would we move to New Zealand?

No. Too far away from our boys in England and actually too far away from England. Although we love it there, it just isn’t home and home always calls you back. But we could easily do six months every year in New Zealand and make it our second home. Just need a few house-sits and places to stay. So any offers welcome Kiwi-friends.

Do we miss having our own house?

Not really, we’re enjoying our nomadic lives so much currently and have no regrets about getting rid of all of our possessions but you never know for the future. Some day we may both turn around and say ‘that’s it, we need our own place’ but we are nowhere near that yet. Hopefully we will both feel the same way at the same time. It may never happen.

Where are you off to next?

Well that’s a bit of a secret at the moment as we’re finalising a few details but it should be sorted within a few days. We are planning on returning to the Highlands of Scotland in May for a couple of months and then want to arrange a few UK housesits for the rest of the year. We plan to spend Christmas with our boys this year so don’t really want to go far.

Are you going to keep on blogging?

Definitely. Our blog is primarily our diary of the past 3 years and is also something that we love to work on. as I used to be a web designer it’s actually my hobby now and I would really miss doing the blog. And a big plus is that it is the way that we keep in touch with so many people that we’ve met on our travels. So as long as you keep reading and commenting we will keep blogging.

12/02 – 15/02/2018


  1. Looking forward to your next adventure
    The west coast has had a battering from couple of nasty storms but we’ve all come out the other side though some of the coast line has been rearranged

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  2. Enjoyed reading about your second trip to New Zealand we are visiting for the first time soon and really looking forward to it. Your blogs have been very helpful ☺️ Enjoy your time back home say hello for us. We may get back there for a trip at some stage xxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Have a great time in NZ Shelagh, it’s such a fabulous country. Glad you’re still enjoying the blog. Thanks for being so supportive and following. If you do book a trip back here then let us know and we’ll hook up somewhere.


    • You should be concentrating on this weekend and the wedding thing that’s happening in your garden not worrying about us! Although as soon as it’s over you can put us to the top of your list.


  3. Welcome home guys. Scotch eggs, real milk and proper beer (not lager) were the things I started to really miss when I was living overseas. You’re dead right about the seasons too. I would often long for a cool, misty morning perhaps with a light frost when I was sitting have a brew overlooking the pool in 30 degrees!

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    • Tough to think of anywhere that compares to NZ but we loved Canada and have always had a real thing for Germany. Love their lifestyle. Where are you currently?


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