Farewell New Zealand and all of our Kiwi Friends

New Zealand Farewell

At the end of our 3 month trip to New Zealand we found ourselves with conflicting emotions. This country has really got under our skin and we feel so sad to be leaving but equally we have missed our three sons so much that we can’t wait to get back to England to see them again. Perhaps if they all moved to the other side of the world ……..

New Zealand Farewell

Our time in the land of the long white cloud has been absolutely fabulous and we feel so lucky to have been able to visit so many incredible places and also to have met so many wonderful people. As we always say, it’s the people that you meet along the way that make travelling so special and this past 3 months has proved that time and time again.

We had always planned to stay with a few friends that we had met as Airbnb hosts on our previous NZ trip but the joy in renewing those acquaintances plus the new friends we have made greatly exceeded our expectations. We feel as if we have friends all over the islands now.

New Zealand Farewell

So a huge thank you to Sheryl and Bob in Ahipara, Kay and Chris in Charleston, Liz and Steve in Napier, Mike and Tania in Dunedin, Robyn in Waianakarua, Miriam in Gisborne, and Jilly in Mission Bay for being so amazing. Also, Gary and Yoko in Baylys Beach, Owen and Jenny in Ruakaka, Olive in Auckland, June and Tim in Nelson, Tristan and MJ in Wanaka, Pauline in Methven, Pam and David in Christchurch, and in Mount Eden. You all helped to make our trip so unbelievably unforgettable.

Special heartfelt thanks though go to our friends Leonie and Martin from Taupo, Andy and Helen from Epsom, Sheena and Malc from Queenstown, Bruce and Jeanette from Twizel, and of course Gill and Ross from Wanaka. Our little adventure would have been nothing without them.

New Zealand Farewell

So many memories and so many stories to tell. We will never forget our JWalking 3 trip to wonderful New Zealand. Thank you again to all of our Kiwi friends and also to everyone that has followed us on our journey and commented on our blog, it really does make us feel closer to you all. Here’s to the next adventure.

New Zealand Farewell



  1. Jon and Jo , perhaps just move to NZ! It sounds like that’s where your heart is. Stunning Island. And sons can visit and enjoy it too. And… you’d just be across the water so can House/dog sit when we travel 😉

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  2. Was lovely to meet you both and have enjoyed reading your blog – hopefully we will meet again in the not too distant future
    Safe travels and more great journeys
    Kay & Chris

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  3. It was lovely to meet you, Jon and Jo, and great to read your travel blog through NZ. Your time at our Baylys Beach Beaut was brief but I savoured our chat and envied your great lifestyle, as it’s one that I find more and more attractive as I move closer to retirement age. All the very best from Gary, Yoko and Minay, and hope to see you again down this way again some day.

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