Another Page in our Housesitting Diary

We can never quite believe where the time goes when we are at each house sit we do. It seems we only just settle into the rhythm of life wherever we are before it is time to pack up and move on. The flip side is that we always have a new adventure just around the corner.

A feast at the Inn

Before we could start our next adventure, our last day in Devon was spent a local walk in beautiful sunshine, followed by some cleaning and then the ever more difficult task of squeezing everything into my case. I am thrifty to say the least and refuse to throw away anything that can be used at the next location. Therefore there is always the half packets of rice, pasta, cereal, a few spices, some washing powder etc to find a little space for. Add in my knitting projects, a framed oil painting completed by one of our hosts for us, plus a few secret squirrel craft projects – all this leaves hardly any room for clothes.

Once the packing mission was accomplished we decided to reward ourselves and head to a local hostelry and treat ourselves to dinner. Moretonhampstead has a good supply of places to choose from. Three pubs and a hotel.  The Early Bird menu at The White Hart Inn won the day. From 6-7pm you could order one course for £7.95 or two for £12.95. Jon had fish and chips and I opted for the roast and was not disappointed! No space to squeeze in a second course.

Heading to Herts

For the first time we had agreed to do a house sit with a very short handover period. In the past we have arrived the evening before the owners leave so that we can get all the interesting info on stopcocks, fuse boxes, alarms, bins etc and it gives the pets a chance gain some trust by seeing us with their owners. On this occasion, however, we were going to have only 45 minutes to get to grips with things. We were at the mercy of the train timings but thank fully everything ran according to plan and we arrived at the appointed time to meet our next hosts.

Ware are you?

Actually we are in Ware that’s where. We have only managed a quick shopping trip across the fields to Ware but it looks a nice town with lots of things coming up in May including a free open air concert. We’ll be there.

Meet the Guys n Gals

Our charges this time are:

Saffie the Whippet
Miami the fearless cat
Donald, Daffy, Daisy and Co

There are also a couple of pheasants who we have nicknamed Pongo and Perdita. They appear to be roosting or nesting in the hedge and are a bit camera shy but we will persevere. Maybe for the next post you will get to see them.

The gardens where we are are quite extensive with both vegetable plots and flowering plants so, unless we get a few heavy rainfalls, our evenings will be manning the water butts and watering cans. We find it quite relaxing really especially with Saffie tripping along at our heels and we always finish up with a sit by the pond to see who has fallen out with who on the duck pond. We fear we may have some interlopers.

We always try to respect the home owners and not photograph too much at a property but here is a little insight.

On finding a great book, where else could I sit but under a shady tree? But a certain someone has photo bombed me!

We feel truly settled in after only two days – I have even mastered the Aga so we can even eat.  Don’t Warey there will be more news on this lovely part of Hertfordshire in the next post. On the other hand, we may just stay here under the shady tree with a watering can close at hand.

08/05 – 11/05/2017


  1. You definitely have the warewithal when it comes to choosing house sits. The new place looks amazing. Can you claim squatters rights perhaps? I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone quite so happy about a Yorkshire pudding.


  2. You seem to be having a good time moving around the UK at the moment, but do you do any house sitting abroad?

    How do you find your house sitting opportunities? Most people use one of the major house sitting “platforms”, but there’s quite a few them out there. Have you had a look at HouseSitSearch as it covers most of the platforms and has much better search features than the individual platforms, such as specifying your chosen area/dates/animal types?

    It’s a free service and makes the whole “find my next house sit” process far less time consuming.


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