The Last Days of Lymington

Milford on Sea

Sometimes we’re ready to leave a housesit and sometimes we just don’t want to go and our stay in Lymington seemed to come to an end far too quickly. Before we knew it we were packing and organising ourselves ready for the long train journey north.

Ronnie the Chocolate Lab

We try not to have favourites but our canine friend Ronnie is certainly one of the loveliest dogs we have ever cared for and one of the reasons that we were so sad to leave. Every walk had been a joy and just looking after him had been so easy as he was unbelievably well behaved. I’m sure he knew something was going on as we packed our cases and sorted out things out. He followed us both around and seemed a little worried whenever we were out of sight so we gave him a lot of attention and cuddles to ease his worries.

Ronnie chocolate labrador
“What do you mean you’re leaving?”
Lily in the forefront obviously ‘very’ upset at our departure!

The New Forest and Lymington Town

It wasn’t just the pets and the house though, Lymington is such a lovely little town and the surrounding New Forest is spectacular in places. We’d done so many walks but obviously not even touched the bulk of the forest plus there is so much more of the coast to explore and we just didn’t have time. It’s a wonderful place for a holiday or long weekend so if you haven’t been I’d suggest that you get your act together and sort a trip out immediately.

Lymington Harbour

So a final barbeque was definitely on the cards as the weather warmed up again. And a final couple of beers of course, just to assist the tough work of barbequing obviously.


Milford on Sea

We’d managed a sneaky little afternoon out at Milford on Sea the previous day as Ronnie was out with his regular weekly dogwalker Louise for a few hours. Milford is an unspoilt traditional English seaside town with a stony beach, ice cream stalls, colourful beach huts, and quaint little shops. Perfect for a long walk along the coast and back in the August sunshine. Oh and we just had to stop for an ice cream and a spot of ‘people watching’ didn’t we? What could be better?

Milford on Sea

Milford on Sea

Milford on Sea

Time to Leave

Usually we like to see our housesitting hosts when they return but this sit was a little different. Annabelle and her family were due back Saturday evening and with their being a houseful we had to leave before they came home. Our train was booked from the tiniest station I have ever seen, Lymington Pier, so we said our goodbyes to Ronnie and Lily the cat (who didn’t seem at all bothered that we were leaving) and set off for the 20 minutes walk down to the harbour.

“You’re actually leaving now?”
“Who is going to serve me dinner?”
Lymington Pier
Lymington Pier station

The station is actually right next to the Isle of Wight ferry port so there were a few cars queuing for the ferry and hundreds of holidaymakers queuing for coffee as we trundled past. When I refer to Lymington Pier as a station what I really mean is a platform. On it’s own. In the harbour. Really pictureque and quaint in the sunshine but I dread to think what it’s like in bad weather.

Onwards and Upwards

Well upwards as on a map anyway as we were heading up to the Midlands for a few days to visit old friends. A slightly complicated trip involving changes at Brockenhurst, Waterloo, and St Pancras but no big deal really. We always book all of our train tickets well in advance on a train splitting website that usually saves us between 30 and 60%  of the standard ticket price which makes travelling by train the only way to go for us.

Milford on Sea
“Not really sure if she wants to leave …………”

Late breaking news

As we headed north on the East Midlands Express we messaged Annabelle to say thanks for inviting us to stay and wishing her a good journey home. She replied immediately inviting us back in the new year for a couple of weeks so it’s not goodbye to Ronnie and Lily at all now, it’s just au revoir. We’ve got a whole lot booked up between now and next February but we are so looking forward to returning to Lymington. May need a coat and boots next time of course.

22/08 – 25/08/2018



  1. It’s marvellous when you get to look after perfect dogs. I wonder if our Mr Tilley will ever be one of those – he’s still so full of puppy spontaneity. I’m sure he’ll outgrow it one day, I live in hope. No doubt Ronnie will remember when you return and will greet you with a ‘where have you been’ greeting.
    Love those beach huts.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So, you must now be on the payroll of yet another Tourist Information Board! You’ve sold me on Lymington. Love the cats total ambivalence to anything except getting fed. Great news about the repeat business. That must be very satisfying.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think you’ve hit the nail there Kate, it doesn’t seem very touristy and the forest is right there. We loved it and are thrilled to be invited back next year.


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