The Coffee that changed our lives

Four years ago today we had a discussion that changed our lives. Little were we to know just what would happen over the next one thousand, four hundred and sixty one days! That cup of coffee has a lot to answer for doesn’t it?

Let me set the scene, we were living in a small rented house with a minimal amount of possessions after selling our family home the previous summer. We knew we wanted to do ‘something’ but didn’t know quite what so we decided to put ourselves in a position where we could make a decision with no pressure or commitment. That was why we got rid of all of our stuff and sold up.

So there we were, going to work each day and in a new routine. We had spoken about travelling and just ‘going off’ but that’s all it had been, just conversations. Then Jo sent ‘The Email that changed our lives‘ which seemed to ramp up our wanderlust feelings and the conversations developed more seriously. They were still just ‘wouldn’t it be great if’ type of chats though and nothing concrete.

Then on Sunday March 16th 2015 something happened ………………………..

We decided that we needed to talk without any distractions so jumped in the car and headed into Maidstone to Harrys Kitchen in the Lockmeadow Entertainment centre for a coffee and a chat. A couple of cappucino’s later after the normal ’round the houses’ chit chat and we just looked at each other and said ‘Let’s do it’. We both instinctively knew what ‘IT’ was. No waffle or explanation was required as we knew that this was what all of our months of downsizing and organising had been heading towards.

By the time the second coffee had been drunk we had decided that we wanted to go as far as possible which meant Australia and New Zealand. So we would need to leave our jobs wouldn’t we? Both required 2 months notice so we added a couple of weeks and decided that June 1st would be our day. Everything started from there. That meant resigning on Monday morning to get the ball rolling. Ok, no problem.

Strangely, once we had experienced our lightbulb moment and made the decision to go, everything else seemed fairly straightforward and obvious. Resign, give notice on the house, sell the car, get rid of all remaining possessions, cancel every bill and utility, and put ourselves in the position where we could just walk away on June 1st.

Although we’d decided on Australia and NZ we needed to sit down and work on dates and timescales but that would come later. We were both good at planning and knew we’d actually love the whole planning process.

One job left to do, well not really one. More like a hundred. We needed to tell people now.

When we walked out of Harrys Kitchen and headed home we were obviously excited but more than that we just felt that this was the right direction for our lives. It almost felt like a ‘no-brainer’ to be honest.

So potentially the most expensive coffee we have ever bought!



    • New Zealand is still our favourite place in the world, that’s why we’ve had two three month stays (so far). You never know we could easily make it three!


  1. Oh dear, mixed feelings reading this post. Happy feelings for you, but a sort of sad feeling remembering the similar decision we made a few years. Happy about were we are now though, but still wonder at what could have been.

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  2. I have followed your journey since I read the funniest blog I’ve ever read, or ever likely to read, about the flight from hell on your way back from NZ. I know I keep on about it but it was just so funny 😂 😂
    I’ve always admired your courage, determination and commitment towards making that decision to pack up and go. You have been on a journey for four years full of priceless memories and adventures. That journey is irreplaceable. A massive well done on your achievements and I hope to continue sharing this adventure with you for many years to come.
    Right, speech over, yes, that was an expensive couple of cups of coffee ☕️ ☕️ 😜

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    • Thanks for the lovely words Liz , one of the best if not the best things about our adventure has been connecting with lovely supportive people like you. Just don’t join us for coffee or something might happen!


  3. You were obviously building up to something big by getting rid of so many possessions before hand. What would you have done had you not made the decision to travel? I guess it was on the cards and deep inside both of you. What a journey it’s been and the end is not yet in sight!

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  4. This is so, soooo cool! I love that you are both so on the same page, so that you were able to take the leap and travel together!

    We only managed a couple of weeks in NZ, so I will have to take a peek at your Kiwi posts too. 🙂

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