Queen of the Norman Beaches


Deauville is known as the ‘Queen of the Norman Beaches‘ for good reason. If you read our previous post on the beaches of Normandy (The Unforgettable Beaches of Normandy) then you will know that we only had the chance to stop for lunch and a walk at Deauville on our way back to Le Havre. Our week exploring and discovering the history of Normandy and it’s beaches was all too short.

However, and we don’t ever do this, we absolutely loved this photo of the beach at Deauville. The sun came out and although it was still a little breezy and chilly the view was stunning. One of our favourite photos ever.

Deauville Normandy
“Can you see how amazing this beach looks? Have you seen the photos?”

So no apologies for a little self-indulgence for once.

Deauville Normandy


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