Finally Christmas not Missmas

Father ChristmasAfter a couple of years of not seeing our boys at Christmas and organising Missmas celebrations instead we were lucky enough to be able to see all three of them this year. Although we’re not precious about seeing them on Christmas Day and are always thankful just to get together over the festive period, it is a bit special to spend the day with them.

East Grinstead Housesit

East Grinstead Housesit

Our housesit down in East Grinstead finished the Saturday before Christmas (Maisie in ‘Wet Sussex’) and we headed to the local Travelodge so that we could get together once more with my Mum who lives locally in a care home. A lovely afternoon with her and her ‘fella’ Norman plus my youngest brother Dave and his wife Ali who were down from Scotland. It felt like the beginning of Christmas as we shared pigs in blankets and sausage rolls and listened to the standard cheesy Christmas songs that we all love.

East Grinstead
“Post Christmas lunch with Dave, Ali and Mum”
Christmas East Grinstead
“Warming hot chocolate in a festive pub in East Grinstead”

Christmas in Bromley

Then a bit of a busy one on Monday 23rd as we packed, again, and got the train to Bromley in South London where Jo left me with her backpack and a couple of bags of presents as she continued down to Maidstone in Kent to meet up with our youngest son Ryan before managing a very brief meet-up with her Pink Lady friends. She would love to have had more time but everything was just so rushed.

Christmas Eve was the day we met Ryan and Sam and went back to Sam’s new house in North Bromley. We knew he had moved but hadn’t even seen any photos so were delighted to be able to see his new place. So a couple of hours of some preliminary eating and drinking before an evening walk to his local, The Red Lion, for pre-Christmas drinks.

Red Lion Bromley

Lovely pub with a great atmosphere. I’m sure we’ll all be back there very soon. But it was back home to get ready for the arrival of Father Christmas.

Did you know? The story of Coca Cola being behind Father Christmas’s distinctive red suit is a complete myth as he’d been portrayed in red since the early 1800s.

Christmas Day

With Shaun and Katie arriving late morning on Christmas Day it was fabulous to have the whole family together. It doesn’t happen often so we all made the most of it and Sam’s deliciously well-cooked Christmas Dinner was a noisy, fun-filled, family occasion that everybody loved.

Bromley Christmas

Bromley Christmas

With the rest of the day spent opening presents, drinking a bit too much, and playing games it was the most fun day for a long time.

Did you know? Jingle Bells was never written about Christmas. It an American song all about Thanksgiving and verse two even mentions ‘Miss Fannie Bright’. Very unchristmassy.

Bromley Christmas

Unfortunately we only had the one day together as they all left us on Boxing Day. Shaun and Katie to head back to Bedfordshire, Sam and Tabitha off to Maidstone so we spent the day with Ryan. So by lunchtime we were all in Sams house with a very quiet rest of the day just catching up on TV and finishing off leftovers. Great to spend some quality time with him. Gavin and Stacey was fantastic though, will definitely have to watch that again soon and have they left it open for another series or what?

Did you know? Good King Wenceslas wasn’t a King, and wasn’t even called Wenceslas! He was actually Duke Vaclav of Bohemia and probably wasn’t even a very nice guy!

More housesitting in Devon

First thing Friday saw us packing again and tramping across Bromley to begin the start of our 7 hour, 5 train journey down to Barnstaple in Devon where we would be housesitting for Jo’s younger brother Jon. A hell of a trip with a few delays en route but worth it eventually. Seven days in four locations in multiple train journeys and several different beds.

Phew. Does it ever stop? Would we want it to? Not a chance ………

Happy Christmas Everyone.

Happy Christmas

21/12 – 27/12/2019

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  1. What a fabulous recap of your very busy days Jonno. It looks like a lot of fun was had and you obviously enjoy your lifestyle – it comes through in your words and the smiles on your faces. All the best for the rest of the year and 2020 🙂 . It’s been fabulous connecting with you this year!

    We had a quiet but lovely Christmas Day and Dottie slept most of the day but got the most presents!! She deserved all the attention – she’s such a little miracle x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much Deb. I bet Dottie was spoiled rotten wasn’t she? And why not? Hope you enjoy the rest of your time in England and that the weather drys up just a bit for New Year. We’re not that far from you again now, just along the north coast of Devon. How much longer are you over here?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What a nice feel good post. I’m so pleased you got to spend it with all three lads. I am one of three sisters and it’s very seldom we are all together as Christmas. Happy New Year to you both and enjoy Devon. You have to win that pub quiz this time though😜

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Liz. It was lovely to have all of our boys together for a change. Have a great New Year yourself and we’ll keep you informed about any Devon Quiz action for sure.


  3. Merry Christmas Family Ringwood and happy new year too. Brilliant that you got to have a family Christmas this year. An early gift idea for next year; a gravy boat!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It has been a bit busy but we like it that way and the trains have been so good. Always travel by public transport everywhere and generally have no issues. Have a great New Year’s Eve. Doing anything exciting?


  4. Much as I like second Christmas (my term for what you call Missmas), it is nicer to just spend Christmas with everyone in the first place! Glad you had an opportunity to do that this year! Even though we spent Christmas together this year, Marcus and I will still have a second Christmas this weekend to exchange presents, because we didn’t bother to haul everything to the US only to bring it back again.

    Liked by 1 person

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