Our Favourite Devon Walk to Heanton Punchardon

Ash Braunton Devon

Over the past 60 days we have been walking our little JWalking socks off down here in Devon. Although the majority of people seem to gravitate towards the beaches of Croyde, Saunton, and Putsborough there are so many other places to see and explore in virtually every direction. We’ve walked miles and miles of footpaths and bridleways around Braunton which have all been fabulous but we have definitely stumbled onto a favourite.

Ash to Heanton Punchardon

There are a couple of different ways to get to Ash but it’s the walk from there through woods and over streams, past manor houses, and across beautiful green valleys that has captured our affections. Not too many words now, just a photo diary of yesterdays hike in the glorious English sunshine. What could have been better?

Braunton Devon
“Ready to go …. waiting”
Knowle Devon
“Our fabulous current home in Knowle”

The whole walk is a little over 8 miles so not too difficult although the first part is immediately up a steep hill with no preparation so gets the heart beating a little faster. Takes 45 minutes or so to get through Braunton and then out on the Ash Road to Ash Barton and the manor house where our favourite walk really starts.

Ash Braunton Devon
“Drink and fruit stop on the road to Ash”
“The beautiful Ash Barton Manor where our walk really starts. Great looking wedding venue with incredible views down to Braunton and across the valley”
Ash Barton Devon
“Entrance to the wedding venue at Ash Barton”
Heanton Punchardon
“Looking out over the lake from the wedding arbor at Ash Manor”

Heanton Punchardon

“Crossing Knowl Water into Eastacombe Covert and the hill up into Heanton Punchardon”

Heanton Punchardon
“A herd of Zwartbles just on the way into Heanton. Apparently they’re from Holland and known to be very friendly”
Heanton Punchardon
“The fabulous Merlin’s Lodge in Heanton Punchardon”
“Commonwealth war graves and memorial in St Augustine churchyard. Great views down across RMB Chivenor on the edge of the River Taw”
“So many interesting gravestones including Edward Capern – The Postman Poet. Famous around these parts”
“We love these village libraries that have sprung up in old telephone boxes”

“Really is our favourite walk around here!”
“The Sad Tale of the Lost Trainer ……… a classic story in the making perhaps?”

There may not be any beaches, or any sand dunes but we’ve done a variation on this walk three times now and enjoy it more each time. We hardly see another person except around the bridge over Knowl Water and the changes in scenery from woodland to ploughed fields to quaint English village just do it for us every time.

It won’t be the last time we do the Ash to Heanton Punchardon walk. We love it.


Ash to Heanton Punchardon Walk


  1. Beautiful photos. I love Devon and remember going every year as a child for two weeks, either in a guesthouse or caravan. Weather looks fabulous. Seems like you are getting very fit 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️

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  2. That looks just the perfect place to be in a lockdown. The weather has been brilliant allowing us to get out and explore our local area to its fullest. Perhaps you should do a top ten favourite walks that you’ve done!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You two both look so happy and healthy, definitely glass half full kind of people. An 8 mile walk sounds like it’s just a stroll in the park to the both of you, so much so that Jo-Anna you are wearing a skirt rather than trousers. My hour long beach stroll 4 -5 times a week suddenly feels beyond inadequate – you two are inspirational. Time to get my boots out I think,

    Liked by 1 person

    • We’re not doing too badly, feeling very fit and healthy with a decent diet and all this exercise. Your beach walks sound ideal, shouldn’t worry too much about doing more if you’re enjoying it.


    • Not really a drought but hardly any rain for weeks now so everything is looking incredibly dry. Great for walking but not so good for the crops or wildlife.


    • Great weather for weeks here so wonderful for walking. All of the community libraries are open plus so many boxes of books on peoples doorsteps for others to just take and enjoy. Community spirit everywhere.


  4. Ash Barton Manor is stunning. And the flowers round the door are something else! Although I do think the wild flowers growing by the road side are just a beautiful in their own, wilder way.

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    • The Manor is a fabulous place and looks like a perfect wedding venue. Loads of wild flowers out at the moment, all the footpaths and fields look so colourful.


  5. What a very beautiful manor, Jonno! There’s a tantalising glimpse of coastline in the background and I must admit to liking coastal walks, but you do have a nice bit of variety here and I expect the coastal paths are busy 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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