On Holiday in Aldeburgh

Although it’s exciting and a real adventure to travel to a new housesit in an area we have never been to with people and pets that we’ve never met, it is also great to renew acquaintances somewhere that we have sat previously. So it was as we left Lewes in East Sussex and headed up to Suffolk on the east coast of England to see an old friend.

Before our next housesit however we had a few days visiting family and friends around Kent, in fact we’d planned a really hectic week with an unbelievable amount of things organised. Our first and most important date was meeting up with our daughter-in-law Tabitha for her 30th birthday. A fabulous Nepalese meal in Bromley with her and Sam and a few drinks to celebrate hitting the milestone made for a great night out. Especially as we don’t really eat out much.

Socialising in Maidstone

Then down to our old home town of Maidstone for a few nights to catch up with our youngest son Ryan, plus a night out for Jo with her Pink Ladies, doctors and dental appointments, meeting old friends Keith and Nicola for lunch, sorting out our little storage cupboard, lots of laughs with Wendy, dinner with my brother and his wife Nick and Nat, and lots more in between. Phew! Busy time indeed but wonderful to catch up with so many people after the covid year that we have all had so far. All socialising was obviously very sensibly done of course, we’re saving the hugs and kisses for next year!

Oh and I also managed to get to the cinema with two of my boys, Sam and Ryan, to see Tenet. What a film. It was like a cross between Inception, The Matrix, and Back to the Future. But more complicated. We all absolutely loved it but it was a complex film that needed a lot of discussion afterwards. Maybe a second viewing is required.

So onto our next housesit. A multi-train journey from Kent up to Suffolk which took us through Stratford in London. Walking through the huge Westfields shopping centre was really interesting with probably a third of the people that were there back in February pre-pandemic and the majority masked-up and trying to distance properly.

Return to Aldeburgh

Now this isn’t the first time we have been to Aldeburgh, we came here on our third ever housesit back in January 2017 to look after a lovely German Pointer called Ed (This Housesitting life in Aldeburgh). Since then we’ve looked after him a couple of times in Essex (Return to the Colne Valley in Essex) so this will be our fourth Ed-sit in total.

Our hosts, Simon and Mary, are old friends now as we’ve spent so much time with them over the past three years and it was great to arrive and catch up over dinner. Ed seemed to remember us too which was wonderful. He really is the one of the best behaved and most gentle dogs we have ever looked after, so very easy to look after and loves to walk and walk.

Last year Simon and Mary had their Aldeburgh house completely refurbished so it’s like staying in a brand new house now. Looks fabulous and has incredible views down over the town and onto the beach so really feels like we are on holiday.

Holiday Hiccup

A slight hiccup in the housesitting plans, or maybe a bit more than a hiccup! As we arrived Mary learnt that their holiday to Scotland had been virtually cancelled as their group of friends was no longer allowed to stay or even socialise together. Terrible news for them and potentially tricky for us if they couldn’t go. Fortunately they had a few nights with friends arranged and the organiser of the trip promptly got busy and came up with some alternative accommodation. So not the big party trip they were hoping for but a more intimate smaller road-trip affair lay ahead.

View from our bedroom window on our first morning in Aldeburgh

Waving goodbye as they headed off north and not being really sure if they’d return in a day or a week was a little strange but we decided not to worry about it and just hope for the best. Hopefully they will have a great couple of weeks north of the border and we’ll enjoy the same down here in sunny Aldeburgh.

The post title may say ‘holiday in Aldeburgh‘ when actually it’s a housesit but it really does feel like we are on our jollidays (as Jo always says).

Time for a walk Ed ……………….

05/08 – 11/08/2020


  1. It does sound like you have had a busy time of it! But a lovely time too, it feels so special catching up with friends and family at the moment, after everything that’s been happening. The house you are staying in looks very nice indeed! I hope you have a good time, however, long you are staying there 🙂

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  2. Glad to see you’re getting by, Jonno, but it’s all a bit of a nonsense, isn’t it? Whizzing in and out of each other’s homes and lives, however carefully. The virus has to spread and we have to develop immunity because otherwise some people are going to starve to death. In Portugal further restrictions have been imposed, as children go back to school. Once the implications of that are clear we can start to move on.

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    • We’re managing to find places to stay Jo, but it’s not easy. Very difficult to plan. Being ultra careful with distancing and masking etc and generally meet out. Don’t have a lot of choice though. Hope fully they’ll develop a vaccine sooner rather than later.

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    • It really is a fabulous place for us to housesit. We’re so thankful that we’ve managed to get a few places to stay but the situation is still not great. Can’t really plan much yet. Glad things are slowly normalising with you.

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  3. It all sounds so wonderful. The place, going to the cinema and catching up with your sons and friends. It’s been so long since we’ve done any of that, as we’re still in lockdown. I do miss my daughter and our friends. Tenet sounds great! Must put it on my list. Enjoy your house sit. Looks lovely. xx

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  4. Glad you’re back in Aldeburgh. Really enjoyed hearing about your stay there before and it looks like a lovely little community. I bet the house prices are steep!

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  5. Ed is a beauty! Great that Simon and Mary were able to rejig the original travel plans. I think that’s going to be the key to any kind of travel for quite some time, flexibility and positivity!

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