The Bridges of London Challenge

This year we have had so many trips and plans cancelled that we were determined to attempt something a little different. London has always been our city, being brought up in Kent has meant that we have been lucky enough to visit the capital hundreds of times.

However there is so much to see and so many wonderful places to explore that we are forever looking for new walks, new places to visit, and new experiences there.

The Challenge

A while back I read about a great challenge involving walking over all the London Bridges. What a great idea! We were sold immediately and set about planning our trip.

There are 26 bridges between Tower Bridge in the City of London and Hampton Court in Middlesex and around 35 to 40 miles depending on the route taken.

We decided to take three days so that we could wander off track if anything interesting caught our eye and to make sure that we would really appreciate every step of the journey. Although we walk a lot we haven’t attempted anything like this with rucksacks on! Could be a challenge.

Covid and Tier Two Issues

With London being locked down further (yesterday) into Tier 2 we did take a long hard think about whether to cancel our trip. However, as we don’t visit bars or restaurants and won’t be interacting with anyone we decided to go ahead.

Overnight accommodation booked in Premier Inns along the route and shopping at occasional small stores gives us an added sense of safety.

The Bridges of London Challenge

So here we are in London, staying at another Premier Inn by The Tower of London. Stacking up on the carbohydrates and ready for the start of our little adventure tomorrow morning. Weather looks ok, no rain forecast currently, and we’re ready to get started.

Confidence is high.

Wish us luck …..

PS – We haven’t forgotten our Shropshire road trip and still have a couple of posts to publish about that. Although it’ll be out of order timewise we wanted to record our London walk in real time so those posts will have to wait until next week.


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