Day One: Bridges of London Challenge

An early start, well not that early, saw us packed and strolling out onto Tower Bridge to start day one of our challenge.

Our walk to Hampton Court would take us across 26 London Bridges over 3 or 4 days (depending on the weather). This first day was the first fifteen ending in Putney.

Tower Bridge (Number One) and all ready to go

Great weather and empty streets made it a wonderful day to start and we couldn’t believe the lack of people all along the South Bank. So quiet.

Bridge Number Two. The replacement for the one the Americans bought that they mistakenly thought was Tower Bridge.
The iconic Millennium Bridge (Number Four) leading to St Paul’s Cathedral
On the beach in London at Ernie’s Beach.
Hungerford Bridge (Number Seven)
Following the Thames Path when possible and when we could find signs

We crossed every single bridge on our way and passed a succession of wonderful historical landmarks which we made mental notes to return to sometime in the future.

With the miles racking up as we crossed bridge after bridge,we realised that our initial estimation of distance was completely off. We’d guessed around 10 miles but it ended up a lot more.

The unbelievably empty Westminster Bridge (Number Eight)
Lambeth Bridge (Number Nine) and time for a lunch stop
Chelsea Bridge (Number Eleven)
The incredible Peace Monument in Battersea Park
Every bridge has its own story. Albert Bridge (Number Twelve)
It’s a long way ……
Probably the wrong way.

Finishing our first day by crossing Fulham Railway Bridge (Number Fifteen) we made it to the Premier Inn in Putney to rest our weary limbs. The final count was 16 and a half miles and well over 37,000 steps! And didn’t we know it.

A bath, some food, lots to drink, and an early night. What a day. We absolutely loved every minute and can’t wait for the next stage. If we can move in the morning of course ….

16 and a half miles later!


  1. What a great concept for a challenge and top effort for day one! The picture of Jo on the beach reminds me of when we were visiting friends in London a year ago and they took us to do some mudlarking by London Bridge. I didnt even know that was such a thing but we found some old clay pipes and celebrated in the nearby Mudlark Pub!

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    • We’re loving it Steve, just struggling to get up this morning! Saw loads of people mudlarking all along the river in central London. Looked interesting.


  2. Hoorah!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ there are others as crazy as me πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ Although I didn’t and haven’t walked all the bridges up to Hampton Court (massive kudos for your venture) I have walked all the bridges from Tower Bridge (of course) up to Westminster Bridge. Some years ago when I still lived in London and before they started charging, I used to attend the New Year fireworks. After everyone had gone home I used to meander the streets until sunrise and then I’d walk across each of the bridges till Westminster and then go watch the New Year’s Parade. After which I’d go home and die for 24 hours straight 😴😴😴 hahaha. Fantastic. Enjoy your challenge…looking forward to your next post…if you can walk of course πŸ˜‰

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  3. Oooh nice! I love walking to the bridges in this part of London. It can be a bit busy, but at least there are plenty of good pubs along the way! πŸ˜€

    Great work with 37,000 steps! You must have been knackered!

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  4. That was a long walk! I crossed over Hungerford Bridge myself last week when I walked up to the British Museum from Waterloo, and honestly, the walk to the museum and back again was enough for me! Hungerford Bridge is probably my most frequented bridge in London (though not so much since Covid) since living in Wimbledon and now Kingston means I take South Western Railway most times I go into central London, and all rails from South Western lead to Waterloo!

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    • Hungerford isn’t a great bridge is it, useful of course but not one of our favourites. Need to get up to Ruislip ourselves from Kingston tomorrow so it’ll be Wimbledon then the tube.

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