Day Two: Bridges of London Challenge

Getting up this morning was a real effort. We both felt about 90 years old as we crawled out of bed with too many aches and pains to deal with. Not a great start to day two and the 10 miles of river walking we had planned.

First one of the day was Putney Bridge (Number Sixteen)
The truly iconic Craven Cottage undergoing a bit of an upgrade. Really want to visit once spectators are allowed back.
Disappointed that Hammersmith Bridge (Number Seventeen) was closed!
Approaching Barnes Railway Bridge (Number Eighteen)

We weren’t planning on crossing Hammersmith due our plans to walk the southern path to Barnes. But it was a bit disappointing not to be able to just stride out to the middle. We did manage a couple of feet on the bridge ramp though.

Chiswick (Number Nineteen)

Our walk today was so different to yesterday as we spent every minute on leafy riverside paths rather than busier pavements. It was so strange to think we were still in London with fields and wildlife all around. So different.

Very excited to be at Richmond Lock and Weir (Number Twenty One)
Finishing the days walk in beautiful Richmond

Another amazing days hike all the way from Putney Bridge to Twickenham Bridge. Our anticipated ten finished up at 13 and a half miles! That’s thirty miles in two days which is not bad for a couple of old JWalkers.

Once again the weather was unbelievably kind to us all day with blue skies and warm temperatures. We’ve been so lucky and even managed a couple of hours in t-shirts. Brilliant day again!

Another long day. Not sure these old bones can take much more ..


    • It was a fabulous walk today, so rural and different to yesterday’s city. Loved it all. Jo enjoyed a long bath but unfortunately I’m a bit too big so only the feet got in.

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  1. Gorgeous! It’s so nice when you get as far as Putney and Richmond isn’t it!? I love that you can be in central London, but it feels like the countryside. 🙂

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    • The weather is actually perfect as it hasn’t been too hot, just bright and cool. Very autumnal today. It’s tiring but we’re enjoying every step so far. Not looking great weather for day three though.

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  2. A couple of feet qualifies 😉 That a beautiful stretch of the river and I’ve walked those paths in all seasons…even in the snow from Richmond Lock to Kew. 😃😃 You’re right, its so amazing that there is so much countryside right on the doorstep of London….and as for the Thames ❤❤❤ that river. Enjoy today, your mileage has been amazing so far. Hope the bones and muscles are a bit happier today

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    • Such an amazing walk so far and we have had s few minor aches but nothing too serious. The scenery and wildlife is fabulous all along this stretch, walking through woodland and countryside all day so different to day one. Weather looking dodgy for day three unfortunately!

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      • Oh good, glad to hear not too achey. Yes, it’s a stunning area, I’m a teeny bit jealous 😉 Yeah, the weather in East Sussex is grim today. But I wish you a fab walk and hope the rain holds off. Please send my helloooo to Hampton Court Palace. I used to practically live there at one time, never tired of it….looking forward to your next episode. Are you at all tempted to just continue upstream?

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        • The weather here is horrendous and we’re going to get drenched as soon as we step outside. Still going for it of course. Hopefully easing off after lunch but won’t be great. Part of the adventure though. Tempted to keep going but booked up with all sorts right through to mid December now so on a schedule.

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  3. Damn you Hammersmith Bridge! I played at Craven Cottage once back when the pitches turned to sand by the end of the season. I’ve never been that tired playing football. A little bit like how you guys must be feeling.

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  4. Enjoyed reading these posts. I used to walk past by the Premier Inn by The Tower of London mentioned in your other post every day on my way to work.

    The Hammersmith Bridge closure is a bit of a shame, even though I hear they’re now finally working on a solution to get it fixed and open it again.

    Well done on this little adventure and making the best in these challenging dark days.

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