Day Three: Bridges of London Challenge

Two down and not much to go? Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well it might sound easy but I can assure you that it is not easy. Thirty miles carrying backpacks in 2 days may be a breeze if you’re a marine but it’s hard work for a couple of simple travellers.

Covered up and ready to get going.

Absolutely horrific weather was forecast and we woke to heavy rain in Richmond. The BBC informed us that it would improve from lunchtime so we decided to set off later and walk to Kingston rather than Hampton Court. We could delay that section until the following day.

Richmond Bridge (Number Twenty Three)
Wet and windy Richmond.
Getting wetter and wetter but not giving up!

We were well prepared for rain so happy to rejoin the Thames Path for the three miles down to Teddington Lock.

Once again the scenery and countryside was amazing as we felt so far from the hustle and bustle of the city. You wouldn’t believe how rural it is between towns on the river. Fabulous.

Teddington Lock and Bridge (Number Twenty Four)
Teddington Bridge and feeling pretty dry.
Delighted to get that coat off and make the most of the drier weather

Arriving in Kingston upon Thames it began to rain again, in fact it threw it down. At least we’d had the best if the weather whilst we were walking.

Not as many miles as yesterday but the late start and conditions meant the 9 miles somehow felt a bit further. So after almost 40 miles and twenty four bridges we are almost at the end of our challenge. Just the four mile trek around to Hampton Court tomorrow and we will be there. Let’s hope for an improvement in the weather.

Another long day ….


  1. 🤣🤣🤣 you pose at the end always makes me laugh….i feel for you 🤪🤪
    Shame about the weather, but excellent progress. That area is one of my favourite places to walk. Pity the island was closed. The stretch between Kingston and Hampton Court needs to be walked on the opposite side from Kingston otherwise you’ll hit tarmac and traffic. The approach into Hampton Court is beautiful and you’ll get some fantastic views of the palace from riverbank. Enjoy enjoy guys, it’s a beautiful stretch of the river

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  2. And I see you made it to Kingston! The weather yesterday was appalling, so well done for braving it! There’s a nice Swiss bakery quite near to Teddington Lock (on the Ham side), and we like to walk down and get some pastries and watch the lock for a bit on nice days when I can be bothered to walk the five miles roundtrip. I’m not much of a walker, obviously!

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  3. You walking in the rain with backpacks … reminds me of our Portuguese Camino we’ve done in 2018. It rained for days and we had to cover about 30km each day (I think that’s about 18 miles) … I totally understand that last photo 😁

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