No Place Like Home?

No Place like Home

After all of shenanigans of a week trying to escape to the Wiltshire countryside (Escape to the Country), it has been fascinating how it has stimulated so many conversations about what the future holds.

Gazumping and Gazundering

If we could pick the absolutely worst time in the last five or six years to dip our toe into the property market it would be now. The beat the stamp duty rush, the get to the country dash and an over 10% hike in prices make it not the ideal time but life isn’t like that. For us if the time feels right, and it is beginning to, we adopt our usual blind optimism that it will all come good.

No Place like Home

Small Steps

For both practical and sanity reasons, this massive change to our lifestyle needs to be done in a measured way. In other ways, Jonno style. There are spreadsheets evolving as I type. The ETTC team quite astutely got the measure of our different personalities and opinions on things. What they didn’t seem to “get” is that these differences compliment each other and somehow we end up working out what suits us both. To be fair, I don’t know how we get to a decision sometimes but we do.

No Place like Home

Rustbucket or Jalopie

As much as we love a train or bus ride, house hunting by public transport is totally unachievable. Then there will the necessity to buy essentials to set up home. That shopping list will be rather long but in this throw away world and being a lover of upcycling and charity shops, we will start there. It could be quite a quirky eclectic mix.

No Place like Home

So the first of our small steps is to look out for a little car. It will be so strange to have our own wheels after just using the occasional hire car.

Mothballing the Backpacks

Will we be hanging up the backpacks I hear you ask? The answer is a resounding no! However long the house hunting and purchasing takes, depending on how the budget looks, we will plan a trip. We have cancelled so much over the last 18 months it will great to get back exploring again. So a little coat hook for the backpacks is a must allowing us to grab them and go if we get cabin fever.

End or Beginning?

Far from feeling that this is the end of something, we are seeing it as a new beginning. One of the ironic things is that with orders to “Stay Home” for a good proportion of the last 12 months, it is only now, when we have more freedom that we decided to get a home to “stay” in. The options seem endless, location? house? lodge? apartment? but wherever and whatever it is it will be our treasured home. Having not had one and any possessions for such a long time, we will certainly appreciate every piece of brick and mortar and knife and fork.

No Place like Home

One of the most important things for us both is that our home will be about the moments we will be able to share within it with family and friends. Home comforts are great but, for us, it is more about have a place to “be” rather than having material things.

So if you are ever passing by – you will get a warm welcome you will possibly have to bring your own chair!!

No Place like Home

Research or a Walk?

So with a few decisions made it would be tempting to spend hours trawling websites but we are a bit more old school, or should I say slow school. With the fantastic weather and footpaths still to explore, this definitely won’t be all consuming. Sitting with the laptop or wandering through a wheat field. No competition.

This could take some time………



  1. Exciting times! I wonder when you have your own place, if the open road calls would you rent out your own place while you travel?

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  2. You are not the only ones, one of my old school friends – yes we have known each other for that long – is stay for a while to try to find a home in this area. Apparently houses here are going within hours and if you say ‘umm’ more than once, it has gone.

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  3. It’s probably a good idea to have a home base but that needn’t stop you from still travelling and house sitting. Good luck with the house hunting. If your market is anything like what’s happening here it may take you a while. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect home when the time is right.

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  4. I read this with mixed feelings Jo. A tinge of sadness that your wonderful nomadic lifestyle has been so abruptly put on hold. But, also with a sense of admiration for your enthusiasm and positivity towards that way of life changing, for which you had no control over. I wish you both the very best with your future plans and as always look forward to reading all about them.

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    • Thanks Liz. You read it exactly the way that I wrote it with mixed feelings. We are both viewing this as a new adventure and I’m sure the odd nomadic moments will continue even if for shorter bursts.


  5. All the best for your searching and it’s lovely of you to include us all ion this new journey! Can’t wait to read more and you’re right it’s definitely a new beginning 🙂

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  6. Wow, big news! Not the end but the start of another new beginning somewhere or another. Ringo must be swamped in spreadsheets. But where to go Jo? You’ve seen so much of the UK and been rather impressed by most of it that just picking a county will tough. Maybe start with N, E, W or S of Maidstone. Good luck.

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  7. Wow, this is news. I had no inkling, perhaps I’ve missed an earlier post. I’m just scrolling through my unread emails, so I may come across an earlier post. Don’t count on staying low on possessions, it just doesn’t happen. People will give you things, and you’ll find bargains. We’ve gave up our free and easy lifestyle less than 5 years ago. We had nothing except one box of photos, and one small box of Wedgewood that had been stored at my daughters. We’re moving again, and as we sought through our ‘stuff’, I’m almost sick at the accumulation. We had good intentions…..

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