Gale Force Hove

Hove Walk

A strange week this week, for me, as Jo has jetted off on her annual Pink Ladies Glamping adventure. Well she didn’t exactly jet off, more like drove to Kent but the excitement won’t be any less. So it’s just me and the two cats for a week.

Normal cat-type of chores of course with twice-daily feeding, hovering up a sea of hair, stroking when they decide I’m allowed, and the lovely panning-for-deposits in their litters. All fairly straightforward even for me, in fact no work at all compared to looking after dogs.

Blowing a Gale

With daily walks around Hove Park and a visit from Ryan for a couple of days it’s been a good few days. But I decided yesterday to head down to the seafront for a longer walk and it was windy! So windy. Blowing a gale in fact and so very different to the recent sunny hot weather we’ve had. Just a few photos here of my walk along to Brighton and back.

Hove Esplanade
“Those quintessentially English cute coloured beach huts line the esplanade in Hove”
Hove Beach
“Slightly different to last week when there were hundreds of people swimming and boarding in the sunshine”
The Hove Plinth
“The amazing Hove Plinth. Our housesitting hosts were instrumental in creating this. Pretty impressive.”
“Brighton and Hove are absolutely jam-packed with old regency buildings. Gives the whole seafront a classy feel. Imagine what stories those buildings could tell?”
Hove Beach
“Wild waves, strong winds, but the dogs still need walking”
Hove Beach i360
“The impressive British Airways i360 standing defiantly in the face of the wind. Looks a bit more like a big pole when the pods grounded though.”
Hove Esplanade
“Last week these food and drink stalls had massive queues, not quite the same today”
Hove Beach
“I love this one. Crazy weather but this couple were obviously determined to enjoy a day on the beach. “
Hove Esplanade
“Classic Brighton”
Hove Beach
“Still beautiful regardless of the weather”
Hove Walk
“Blown away and looking a bit rough. That’s what happens when I’m left alone to look after myself. Hopeless.”

So no problems with looking after the cats and the house and despite everyones worries I’m not bad at looking after myself and I do generally survive (sort of). But I can’t tell you just how much I miss her.

The Hove Plinth



  1. The photos are amazing Jonno – but I zoomed in on some of them and got a surprise with the couple on the beach 😳 hahaha – glad you survived and made the most of your week alone – love and hugs to you both xxxx

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    • That’s a great photo isn’t it? Classic and funny too. They were determined to sit on the beach! Survived just about but miss her like crazy. Hope you guys are keeping well?


  2. Classic photo of “builders bum”. Have heard that the weather has been crazy in the UK, not great if you are planning a holiday. Hope you survive the rest of the week without Jo.

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  3. Glad you’re still in one piece Ringo. It was very brave of you to go out unaccompanied! Who knows what could have happened in those conditions!

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  4. I actually prefer the seaside on the days the weather isn’t so good. That builders bum shot though…crying out for a caption but I can’t quite think of a good one.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s the fun of the seaside, you never quite know what you’re gonna get so it’s so good when the weather turns up! Don’t mind too much whatever weather we get as long as we’ve got the right clothes. Whitby is lovely though.

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