We’re not travellers and we’re not on holiday!

We need your help, and we need it now!

We have a dilemma which we just can’t solve. It might not seem a big deal to anyone else but it really is quite a big deal to us so your help would be most appreciated. Please just take a moment of your time to add a comment to the bottom of the Captain Cook page with any advice you think might be appropriate.


Our problem is this.

Everyone that we meet asks us where we are from. That’s not a problem. We always say ‘London’ to avoid having to explain where Maidstone is or even Kent. Easy.

Then they say ……. “Are you here on holiday?“. That’s what throws us. We can either explain our whole life story about leaving work and selling our house, etc etc, or just say ‘Yes we’re on holiday‘. Neither is right for us. The issue is that we aren’t travelling, that’s what students on gap years in Thailand do, and we aren’t on holiday, that’s what we used to do for 2 weeks every summer. What are we doing?

Someone called us Nomads the other day, that seemed a bit strong. Someone else wondered if we were on some sort of quest to find ourselves, that couldn’t be further from the truth as we know exactly who we are.

So, please can you suggest what we should call ourselves when we get asked ‘what we are doing here‘. We really need your help.