Mook and Molenhoek

Mook and Molenhoek

Really feeling like locals now, well and truly relaxed into the laid-back Dutch way of life. They seriously seem to have the right attitude towards living as far as we are concerned and everyone is just so friendly and easy going. They have a knack of making you feel comfortable and at ease.

Decided that today would be cycling day! Borrowed a couple of mountain bikes from the Africa House and set off for the nearby village of Mook. No problem with traffic or safety anywhere as Dutch roads are cycling-heaven. Cyclists seem to have the right of way over everyone and everything, and there are just hundreds of fantastic cycle paths everywhere. Fabulous trip through the forest down to the river side in Mook where we just sat and watched the boats and paddled our smelly feet for a bit.

Groesbeek to Mook cycle path

Pushed on from there to go through Mook and onto Molenhoek which is just up the river. Fabulous countryside.

Mook and Molenhoek cycling

The bike even seemed to be the right size for me! I didn’t look like I was pedaling a kids bicycle for once.

Mook Restaurant

Loads of fabulous buildings and views on the way including the place above that is apparently a restaurant that we may be visiting next week. A restaurant? Us? Going to a restaurant! We’re changing ……..

Molenhoek Cycling

Earlier start on Friday as Tonia, our hostess with the most-est, had invited us to breakfast with a few of her other guests. We met Enrique, the Spaniard from Germany who had decided to cycle to the beach (around 150kms away), and a couple of nice Dutch ladies who wanted to know all about our little trip. Then quiet day lazing in the amazing sunshine until a phone call around 6. My old RAF buddy (can I say buddy? is that acceptable these days?) Andy wondered if we fancied going over for a drink. Did we!! Quick shower and off to Molenhoek for a reunion after 20 plus years.

Well, it was as if we’d only been apart for days rather than years. Andy and Anya hadn’t changed a bit, well maybe a tiny bit, and it was fabulous to see them again. Lots of old stories and loads of new ones, plus one or two beers and glasses of wine contributed to a lovely evening. It’s strange that you sometimes just click with people and feel so comfortable in their company but Jo and I felt instantly at ease and were both so happy to see them again. Next time we won’t leave it so long …………………… in fact, we’re over again on Sunday for dinner!

So stayed the night in the end, I love a sleepover. Then coffee and Andy showed us a new cycle route back to Groesbeek for a lazy day outside our lovely little Garden Room in yet more sunshine. Out for dinner again though as Tonia and Andre have asked us down to eat with them later. We really are locals.

Another glass of rose outside the Garden Room.
Another glass of rose outside the Garden Room.

June 2015


  1. How wonderful meeting up with Andy and Anya. I wondered if our names were mentioned? Have been thinking about our Laarbruch days recently eg shopping trollies and gin. Fun Ted. C xxx


    • Never too old for a sleepover! We are getting used to travelling light and only took clean underwear, T-shirt and a toothbrush. Got to keep the amount of luggage down to a minimum when you are biking home. Glad you like the blog….. have a good flight (Budapest?) sok szerencsét x


  2. Love reading your blog it looks fabulous and you are keeping us all well informed. It’s only been a week but how life has changed for you. Enjoy every moment. Lots love both x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Can you go somewhere that I can pronounce please!!! Love the blog. Glad to see that you are quite obviously enjoying your new life and adventure.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Sounds like you’ve settled straight into your new lifestyle 🙂 lovely to hear how relaxed you are (this time last month??? *Shudder*) xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Can’t even remember last month now Elaine, seems like a world away. Hope all is good with you and I didn’t leave you with too many problems at work!! Still employed until the 10th though ……………..


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