Little America and the Marinas of Plasmolen

Kleine Amerika and Plasmolen marina

Still here, and not got bored with each other yet so that’s a result! It was mentioned a few times before we left that we might get fed up with long days of not doing much or could just get fed up with each others company being together 24 hours a day. So far so good. Jo is being ‘oh so patient’ and I haven’t caught her packing her bag and sneaking off in the night! To be honest, the more time we spend together the closer we appear to be. There is a lot of time to talk obviously and a lot of time to just relax, chill, and think. We’re really loving the chance to slow down and look at the world in a different way, it’s inspiring.

Anyway, enough gobblededuke (as Baldrick says). Even with all of this new age living lark we still have things to sort out and are so appreciative of having wireless internet in our little garden room. Planning for the Down Under stage, sorting out bills and queries from leaving the UK, and just keeping in touch with you lot is so much easier from here. Imagine if we had to visit Costa or McDonalds to get online, we’d be caffeine-crazy! So Tuesday was a slow sorting day with a break for a slow walk around Groesbeek. Highlight of the day was my culinary kitchen exploits in the evening.

I’m not a cook, as you know, and find the whole thing a little stressful and downright worrying. But I had decided that I would try whilst we were travelling and this was my first attempt. All I can say is ……………….it was a triumph!

Groesbeek Mashup

The dish involved some small potatoes, bits of unknown meat, a load of pepper, pints of chicken like soup and lots of stirring and pouring and cutting and asking Jo what I had to do next. Called the end result a ‘Groesbeek Mashup’ and even if i do say so myself, it turned out great. Both ate the lot with no subsequent digestive issues so a success. Wonder if it will happen again?

Wednesday was the big trip day though as we decided to go for a serious cycle ride. Got through Groesbeek and then on to an area called ‘Kleine Amerika’ in Wylerbaan a few kilometers away. Fascinating as this was where a US parachute regiment dropped during ‘Operation Market Garden’ (Bridge Too Far) and they named the whole place after them. Lots of Waco gliders landed here and the local community have constructed a memorial in the shape of one of those gliders in the middle of ‘Kleine Amerika’.

Kleine Amerika

Kleine Amerika. Waco Pilot.

On through the forest down to a beautiful holiday area called Plasmolen, lots of lakes and yacht clubs and wonderful marinas. We just had to stop for a beer, if only to be polite! Lovely views and a really hot day. It’s good to see how the rich and famous live once in a while.

Plasmolen Marina

Onward to a little town called Cuijk, I have no idea how to pronounce that as it looks like several letters are just missing. Jumped on a ferry across the river before exploring the town. Jo made a successful, secret purchase of some secret stuff in a secret way from a secret-type shop ………………….. but that’s a secret. Tell you later.

Cuijk Ferry
Cuijk Ferry

The ride back through Mook and Molenhoek was again just wonderful. We’re starting to know our way around now but the rides and the scenery just seem to improve every single day. We did over 30 kilometers in all which isn’t a massive amount according to the serious locals (just a warm up eh Andy?) but we did it at our own pace and we did it together which was the best thing about it.

The days just seem to be getting better and better.

June 2015


  1. I never knew there was a waco glider there!! Perfect weather for cycling – you’ll be fit as fiddles after your 4 weeks. Have to see if the “Groesbeek Mashup” is on the menu Saturday 🙂

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