Zorneding and the Summer Festival

Zorneding Munich Munchen Germany Deutschland

Hot Hot Hot ………… oh yeah did I say that it was a bit hot? Well it is!

All settled into our new little apartment in the town of Zorneding just outside Munich (or Munchen to the Germans amongst you, we changed the name again as always). It’s a small town about 30 minutes on the train to the south east of Munich. It’s typically Bavarian with lots of wooden chalet style houses and our little apartment is on the top floor of one of these. As Jo said in the last post, it’s got sloping roofs in the main room and in the bedroom so I keep smashing my head, but it’s got real character and we’ve settled into out new home pretty well.

Zorneding Chalet

Zorneding Chalet Munchen

Once we’d settled in we had to get in our German supplies like Bratwurst, Frikadellen, Frites sauce, Brat Kartofeln, Paprika chips, and of beer. The Bavarians really love their beer and everywhere you go there are fabulous bars and restaurants with picturesque beer gardens, and there are just so many different types of German beer. Not for them the imported-from-everywhere beers! No, its has to be German and it has to be done properly. That’s why its the best and also why it doesn’t ever seem to give you headaches or hangovers.

Got all of the supplies from the lovely Norma. No, she wasn’t the little wide-bodied lady stuck inside a huge strawberry at the side of the road. No, Norma is the local supermarket (or Snockers as we now refer to her). I’ll tell you about the Strawberry Frau later.

Friday evening saw us walking and exploring the village and trying to figure out what all of the signs and notices meant. Not easy even though we both have a smattering of Deutsch. A lovely late evening wander past the beautiful church, the local posh restaurant, and down to the Rathaus (town hall) where we sat in the shade together reading and watching a bunch of guys putting up a stage! After a little nosing around we discovered that the town had a Summer Festival there on the following day. That sounded like our sort of thing!

Zorneding Munchen

So quiet day Saturday with an early morning walk out past the sports centre to the woods. Then at 5 we headed over to the field to see what all the fuss was about.


Well, I’m not sure it was the same field as we arrived to hundreds of people on benches and tables drinking and eating in a huge beer tent with a whole host of other tents all around. Amazing. So quick look around and we got straight in the queue for something wet.

Zorneding Munchen Beer Festival

Got ourselves a seat in the middle and enjoyed a couple of cold Bavarian beers. Fabulous. Plus great German music and loads of our favourite activity, people-watching. Of course, the first Maas of beer was quickly followed by another as we really did as the locals do.

Zorneding Munchen Germany Beer Festival

As it got later it got busier and the local rock’n roll band launched into their incredible versions of hits by U2, Snow Patrol, Beach Boys, and The Police. Although a little weird at times it was brilliant and I’m afraid my voice could probably be heard above everybody else singing along. Jo would have done if she could remember any lyrics to any songs so she just carried on drinking!

Zorneding Feiert Juli 2015

Zorneding Munchen Germany

Another couple of beers and an amazing chinese from one of the stalls capped off an incredible evening. Oh, well maybe not quite as we did open a bottle of schnapps for 3 shots each when we got in but they were just a nightcap.

Sunday was obviously a lay-in after what those Zornedingers made us do with all of the alcohol and everything. Got out in the afternoon to the north to Poring and back via a little park on the edge of town.  Still unbelievably hot though with it hitting 37C and forecast to continue a while longer.

Brilliant few days so far in Zorneding and planning to get into Munich on Monday for the day. Oh, forgot to tell you about the Strawberry Frau didn’t I? Right next to Norma (Snockers) is a big strawberry on the side of the road, full of strawberries for sale, and run by a wide-bodied lady in a strawberry style. She’s there from 8 all day in the intense heat and we love her. What a job!

Zorneding Strawberry Frau

July 2015


  1. Hi you two! You definitely seem to be in your element here. You have definitely brought back some memories for me, especially paprika crisps and frikadellas. Think I might have to get a bottle of cherry brandy! Glad that everything is going well for you, will be in touch via email soon. Lovely surprise to receive Tim’s card. C xxxxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Did you manage to get that bottle of Cherry Brandy? (Along with the bitter lemon and gin!) Then get out the cards and you have rolled back to years to many a fun evening. We also bought some CB yesterday – 3.99 Euros. Bargain!


    • Result – we have a sofa bed! You are welcome anytime before 31st when we ship out. We can offer good hosts, free tea and coffee, non smoking accommodation, no pets but beware of the shower curtain which has a life of its own! Love to all x


  2. Ah the Reinheitsgebot! The great German gift to the world. A bit like an outdoor Hamburg beer tent Jon. And you know how I love a bit of oom-pah!

    Liked by 1 person

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