Hertfordshire Tales from Ware

Life this week has been uneventful, unexciting and absolutely blissful. This housesitting existence has given us the opportunity to live in a whole host of different places but our stay here in Ware has been a standout experience.

It may be the glorious hot weather or the extreme solitude of the house but it really feels like we’re on one of those feel-good, happy clappy, meditation retreats. Everything is so quiet and relaxed here. We’re loving it.

One of my favourite places, the duck pond.

So this is a really short post full of photos from the ‘Ware Ducky Workshop Happiness Retreat’ where every minute of every day is pure joy.

My ‘Wembley’ stripes on one of the many lawns
Saffie the adorable whippet. She’s a joy to look after.
Miss JWalking enjoying some RnR in the garden. More research maybe?
Inside the impressive listed barn. Amazing light show.
Pongo the Pheasant defending his patch against Percy the interloper.
Jonno and his second favourite girl ‘Saffie’
Love the long cut walks through local crop fields.
Saffie playing ball with Shaun, or was it the other way around?
Mid walk just after Saffie spotted a rabbit and escaped from me!
Miami trying to sneak up on some of my ducks. No way!

There is a new show on BBC2 that started just yesterday called Life Swap Adventure where two people exchange their lives for a week to see how different things can be. We feel as if we’re exchanging lives every few weeks and it just gets better and better. perhaps I need to get in touch with BBC2 about a show ………………

What’s next?

Only a few days left here and we’ll be so sad to leave but we have major excitement to look forward to at the end of this week. The Hen and Stag do’s for our son Shaun and daughter-in-law-to-be Katie beckon. We’ll each go our separate ways with gangs of 20-something friends and family and hope to survive intact. The locations are currently secret but we’ll tell you all about it next time. If we make it of course.

23/05 – 29/05/2017


  1. Nice blog and looks like an high quality coutry retreat. Now for the stag do blog – the one that I have been looking forward to reading!

    Liked by 1 person

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