How we changed our lives four years ago today

Every year we take time to step back and take stock of what has happened to us since we made the most momentous of changes exactly four years ago today. On June 1st 2015 we jetted off from London Stansted Airport to start our little JWalking adventure. Little were we to know what would happen and that we would still be going after 4 years!

Most travel bloggers at this stage would give you a list of countries they had been to, number of flights that they’d done, different cities they had visited, and tell you the most amazing sights they had seen. We have probably done that in the past but to be brutally honest we have learnt that travel really isn’t about any of that.

So what is travel all about?

I can only speak for the two of us obviously, but we think a travelling life is all about the people you meet and the moments that you share along the way. Some of those moments may be fleeting and some of those people may pass you like ships in the night but they are all unique and all part of our fabulous adventure.

What did we expect when we began?

We honestly had no idea whatsoever and no expectations. All we knew was that we wanted to change our lives and head out on a little adventure but didn’t have a clue where that might lead us and had no grand idea of what it might involve. We really weren’t trying to ‘find ourselves’ or open our lives to new and meaningful experiences, we were just ‘going off’. All we really knew was that we wanted to change our lives and head in a different direction. And one of the exciting things we wanted to happen was not knowing the future.

Not knowing the future?

Life is generally well planned out and we had spent the previous 40 years virtually knowing what was going on. What attracted us to a vagabonding lifestyle was having the freedom to choose what we did, when we wanted. No responsibilities or constraints to tie us in. Of course this wouldn’t suit everyone, in fact it would hardly suit anyone.  We just love the fact that our future is completely blank from 5 or 6 months ahead. It adds an edge to our lives and a little excitement. You wouldn’t believe the conversations we have about what we could do or where we might go.

Country counting and bucket lists?

No, No, and definitely No. We never count countries, can’t see the point in a list of places to tick off. Don’t talk to me about bucket lists either, hate the expression and as I always say to everyone ……’we are not at home to bucket lists’. Actually wrote a long rambling post all about our irrational dislike of them (Don’t talk to me about Bucket Lists).

What’s it all about then?

As McFly said in their classic song ‘it’s all about you’. Our whole JWalking experience has really been about you people reading this blog and supporting us as we drift through life. It’s about the generous and friendly hosts we’ve met all over the world in Airbnbs and Helpx stays. It’s about the great friends we have made whilst housesitting. It’s about the random relationships we’ve struck up with other travellers and Helpx workers. It’s about the supportive and friendly bloggers and travel followers that we’ve connected to online. And it’s about old friends we’ve reconnected with.

I could list a couple of hundred names but they won’t mean much to everyone. Hopefully you all know who you are and you all know that our journey would not have been the same without you. Thanks so very much everyone.

Moments and Memories

But it’s also about all of those special memories that we have shared along the way. Together. Whether it’s seeing the sunrise in on Milford Sound, or climbing a wind turbine in Norfolk, or exploring the Valley of the Kings, or feeding the ducks at a housesit in Hertfordshire. All wonderful memories that neither of us will ever forget.

Thank you

So thanks again everyone, for the friendship and the unbelievable support. Our lives just wouldn’t be the same without you all. I wonder what we will be doing in four years time, in fact I wonder what we will be doing in September! Oh and keep your ears peeled as that late night knock at the door may be two backpacking JWalkers after a bed for the night and a couple of buns ………..

01/06/2015 – 01/06/2019


  1. Next time I have a glass of bubbles, I’ll red, I shall raise to Jonno and Joanna’s wonderful four years of vagabonding, and then I’ll raise it again to the next year (one at a time, cause you never know what’s around the corner). Soups on and bread’s almost ready to pop in the oven for that late knock…. two years from now we’ll have an empty house for several of the winter months whilst we head up to the top end, then down the middle via Alice. House sit available, or a tent for you to tag along…

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    • Sounds very interesting Chris, we’re always open to offers and opportunities and we really really really have a problem with saying no to anything ……


      • Offers there, but I perfectly understand that who knows where one will be in two years time. Impromptu is ok! And in the interim don’t forget the soup and sour dough. (I’m in the process of mastering my own sour dough – took two weeks to make the culture , and the second lot of loaves are about to go in the oven).

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  2. Your journey had been a highlight for me. To read about your travels and the people you have met along the way is truly inspiring, and has made me think about what is truly important in our lives. Long may your travels continue and here’s to the next four years of JWalking🥂
    p.s I still have to buy you a beer 🍻 if you ever make the shores of the Algarve. Would offer you a bed but my killer dog 🐕 is a little bit tetchy with strangers😩

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much for the lovely message Liz, really appreciate all your support. We may well take you up on the beers as a trip to the Algarve sounds very acceptable.


  3. You are the most exciting, interesting couple we know and would love to have you pop your buns in again for a visit any time! You would love Corpus Christi Texas! May your next 4 plus years be as wonderful as the first!

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    • Thanks Rosie. It’s been pretty good so far and what we really love is that we never know which direction we’ll be heading in so it’s all a bit exciting. Trying to see as much of the UK as possible this year by housesitting a lot and got a couple of epic road trips coming up. All good.

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  4. It’s always so good to read your posts and I hope you don’t mind I’ve linked to this in my Friday Feature tomorrow. You are both living the dream and it’s good to share these types of posts so others know what is possible.

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  5. We just love your story … sound so familiar 😁. We’ve had this urge for a long time to head into a new direction – and after we’ve walked our first Camino in Spain (2017), we knew it was time … and we don’t regret any of our decisions since then.
    I’ve had a quick browse through your posts (but assume I will spent a lot more time here 😉) and saw we’ve been to similar places (like Malta, Egypt and New Zealand) … we would like to see many more new places … but only time will tell if (and when) that will be possible again …
    Can’t wait to read more of your posts 👍🏻


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