Loving the Fifty Something

As we slowly wander our way through life from one JWalking experience to another we meet so many wonderful people. From our housesitting stays to other backpackers to Airbnb hosts we continually make new friends and acquaintances wherever we go. When we began our little adventure four years ago I guess we could have predicted that these sort of relationships might happen but one thing that we never ever imagined was the online community that we have become part of.

We began our blog as a means of keeping in touch with friends and family back home but it has evolved into our personal diary and more surprisingly our means of integrating with the huge travel blogging world that we previously had absolutely no idea of. A lot of our followers and commenters are now other bloggers and we spend a lot of time reading and following those people as well.

The travel blogging community is enormous with thousands upon thousands of amazing people producing an incredible number of interesting posts on anything and everything to do with travel. It’s both fascinating and extremely supportive and we are now regularly in contact with a lot of people all over the world that we have connected with via our blog. Fantastic.

So when we get asked by one of our new friends whether they can do a feature about us on their own blog we are always humbled and delighted. The lovely Sam from Loving the Fifty Something wondered if we would like to be featured in her “Amazing Over 50s” collection and we just couldn’t say no. Sam is an incredibly interesting lady herself and lives on a narrow boat in the north of England which sounds fabulous. We have followed her blog and enjoyed her stories for a long time so please go and have a look (Loving the Fifty Something).

Just a quick word before you head off to Sam’s blog though. We actually don’t think we’re amazing at all and don’t feel as if we are in our fifties either a lot of the time. We’re just us doing what we do. Simple as that although it may be a bit off-grid and out-of-the-norm.

Amazing Over 50’s – Jon and Jo

So hi to all of our friends, new and old, and thanks so much for all of your continued support. It really is appreciated and valued by both of us. If you’re just discovering JWalking then please say hello and let’s connect online.

pinterest - loving the 50 something


  1. I also enjoy connecting with the blog world. It is amazing how many like minded people of all ages enhance places we travel to by either telling a awesome story or blog about an area or place I haven’t heard about! So much fun following so many wonderful people!!

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    • It’s great to connect with so many similar people isn’t it? Something we never ever envisaged when we started our journey and it’s made life so much more interesting. Thanks so much for following.

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  2. Like you, when we started the blog six years ago, we had no idea about the blogging community, In our case we knew nothing, or as I describe it, less than nothing, about blogging. So many kind bloggers have mentored, guided, supported, encouraged and become friends over that time. It has been the best part of the whole experience.
    I think the two of you are definitely amazing. Your adaptability of letting go of a home base and finding ways to travel and see the world could not be done by just anyone, me included. Congratulations on the feature. I’ll pop on over to have a read.

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  3. You two are never 50!!😜 Your both looking really well, the healthy lifestyle suits you👏Well done on what you’ve achieved so far both as travellers and travel bloggers. I think your amazing and I really enjoy reading about your travelling tales👍😊

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    • You’re right, we are no way 50! Just pretending to make everyone else feel better. Thanks so much for the wonderful support Liz, really really appreciate it.


  4. We started our blog as a way of keeping in touch with friends and family too, and then we discovered that blogging is so much more than that. I beg to disagree though Jonno with one of your statements – you two are AMAZING!

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      • Hasn’t it just, a whole second life. I’ve learnt so much about the world, and a heap of other things from the blogs I follow. And I think, like you, I’ve formed a connection to people who all tread different paths.

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  5. Hi Jonno, I’m a big fan of your blog and even of your lifestyle! I sincerely hope that my partner and I will be doing the same at some point 🙂 if you don’t mind me asking, do you use WordPress.com or. Org? I’m currently debating whether to make the switch or not!

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    • Thanks Sophie, what we do isn’t for everyone but it works really well for us and could do for you guys. We use WordPress.com as it’s free and we decided that we didn’t want to get too drawn into paying for the blog. Wanted the blog to be about our lives but not dictate it like so many other travellers.


      • Yeh I know what you mean. There are so many things online about how to get more followers and I think if I was to start writing what I feel I should write then it becomes more like work than pleasure! Mine used to be literally just a diary but now I put a bit more advice in there since I’ve been travelling for quite a while lol don’t think I want to be having to think about doing everything a set way though! I think I have made my mind up and will just stick with WordPress.com 😊

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  6. Similar to Mayo’s comment. I wouldn’t underestimate what you and Jo have done Jon! I still find it inspiring and am pleased that we can easily keep up with your travels via the blog 🙂

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