Devon Isolation Discs


Being in one place for long period is not the norm for us but a daily walk in beautiful countryside along bridleways and footpaths on our doorstop, daily brain training (we can now recite the last 1000 years of monarchs), video calls, eking out the precious baking ingredients and seeing what I can knit and sew with the remnants I have is, by far, a better lifestyle than others are having to cope with.  Although I think social distancing is a new thing to this lot who were peering at us as we opened the curtains……

Braunton Cows

Challenges in Isolation

There are so many good ideas popping up on social media to keep people motivated, active and positive. With this in mind Jonno set a challenge to our friend Trevor who is a bit of an amateur radio buff and his son Barnaby.

‘Imagine that the Beatles are all still alive and that they are reforming for a huge concert at Wembley Stadium next weekend. Create the set list for them of no more than 26 tracks including encores. Beatles songs, solo hits, covers, whatever you like’.

So they gave themselves 3 days to work out their set lists. We’ll see how that goes and if they match each other at all.

The Beatles

The Desert Island Disc Challenge

Trevor then set his own challenge for us. Desert Island Discs. Choose your favourite 8 tracks, a book and a luxury item that you would take with you if you were marooned on a desert island and complete the list by Easter Sunday. I have often listed to the podcasts from this Radio 4 show, not so much for the music choices but to hear more about whichever celebrity is the guest.

Desert Island Discs

I don’t think Trevor knows what a headache this is for me. Choosing just 8 tracks for a start!! By Sunday!!! What if I hear something over the next few weeks that I like better and think, “Why didn’t I choose that?” Do I choose for sentimental/meaningful reasons or just music that I like to keep me upbeat on my island.

My current strategy is a mixture of both because I want to keep it like the show where you say what the track is and why you have chosen it. Just saying, “I like it” eight times seems a bit blah. The pressure is on.

Desert Island Discs

I am keeping this short because I need to do some serious thinking and listening. Any suggestions? What would make your list?

Oh yes, I nearly forgot at the end of the show they ask the guest to choose just one track that you would keep above all the others. This is all before I even start assessing my book choices (War & Peace? Survival Guide?) and luxury item (a yacht? clever but probably not allowed) . I think this may be turning into a migraine!



  1. I’m marvelling at your industry, Jo! I’ve not been well the last few days and have been disgracefully lazy. Bruce Springfield’s Dancing in the Dark would have to be there for me so I could bop around the beach. The rest is too difficult 🙂 🙂 Happy Easter!

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  2. Oh heavens! Many years ago with the help of a few white wines I created a playlist of what I called the Best of the Best. A mere 1200 tracks. Of course, that wasn’t enough, I reduced it to the ones I turned to when needing a little help from music. Naturally that was called Take Me Away. Now that’s a mere 139 tracks and you want it trimmed to 8! There goes Easter Sunday, they told us to expect a different Easter this year but this is ridiculous! Stay tuned…

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  3. Your keeping busy Jo, with all your walking, learning and challenges. I bet the day flies past. I like to run 🏃‍♀️ in the mornings early. Most mornings I try and run 5k. I’ve set myself a challenge of running 5x10km for April. I’ve ran 2 so far so still a way to go. One of my fav songs is Roll With Me, Del Amitri. Happy Easter to you both😁❤️

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    • And you say I’m busy!! Good luck with the running. You are on track for your target. Thanks for the song suggestion… just listened to it and it is very upbeat. The challenge continues…


  4. As I’m working from home I’ve not got time for such frivolity! I bet I could find a bit of time to do some serious procrastination though! Now then, 26 tracks for the Beatles…………….

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  5. I’m a huge Beatles fan so they would def feature at least once in my desert island discs. Luxury items would have to be moisturising cream, hair dye and gin! these are great ways to keep you occupied though.

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    • We are so lucky to be here and certainly making the most of it. I struggled with my list but will maybe do one a year and see how it changes. Maybe??


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