Last Day of Summer

Every morning when we have thrown back the curtains to look down over the Aldeburgh beach we have had our breath taken away with the glorious sunny start to another wonderful day. Each new dawn brings the most beautiful sunrise with an ever changing splash of colours.

Looking due east the sun seems to be waking and blinking right at us as if to remind us that another beautiful day is ahead. We have had the odd cloudy morning during our last two weeks housesitting here but even then the greys and blues have a character of their own and a beauty that tempts you out from under the duvet.

The sound of birds and the sea softly breaking on the stony beach adds to the dawn awakening and we have found that we just had to rise from our bed and get out there to experience another unique day.

As we sit outside quietly sipping our wake-up coffee and soaking up the peaceful atmosphere I have found myself saying exactly the same thing every single morning. I just can’t help myself and the daily familiarity has now become a part of our morning ritual. It is as if the day needs it’s own announcement and we need a gentle reminder of how much we should appreciate our time.

‘This could be the Last Day of Summer’

Always bringing an ironic smile to Joanna’s lips, which in truth is one of my favourite reasons for saying it, it has never been the last day so far as we just go on and on with this glorious weather. But it will be true very soon, perhaps today?

17/09 – 22/09/2020


  1. I so agree, make the most of every day! And today we have been working on that funny bit in the middle of the garden, which has now been professionally flattened,
    the final clearing today, before seeding tomorrow, with the rain arriving later on in the day. But hopefully it won’t be the last fine day of the year.

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  2. I think today probably was the last day of summer – certainly literally, since it’s the equinox, but also since it’s meant to be horrible and rainy for the rest of the week! Tried to take advantage by going for a walk in Painshill Park, and my face definitely feels like I got too much sun (despite wearing suncream) so I won’t be sad if it cools down a bit, though I might feel differently a few months from now!

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  3. The British weather never fails to amaze us. Just when we think summer’s over out cones another sunny day. The end of summer signifies the start of autumn. Long shadows crisp mornings and a multitude of vibrant colours. We are indeed blessed in this beautiful country of ours.

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  4. Mate, what’s going on? Have you taken a sudden interest in Romanticism and buried yourself in the works of Blake, Coleridge, Wordsworth, Keats, Byron and Shelley?? Or have you seen just a bit too much of the late Aldeburgh sunshine?

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  5. I do like the autumn, but I am always a bit sad to see the end of the summer…it’s funny though, you don’t realize until it is over and the leaves are starting to fall.

    Like you, I feel pretty lucky that we had an amazing start to the summer this year. It was a bit rubbish for the last month (we couldn’t leave the house due to all the smoke) but it was fabulous before the fires started in the States. The UK is so lucky not to have to deal with those yearly fires.

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    • England is slowly shutting down so things could be getting a little difficult. No backup plans at all and nowhere to stay if it does all shut down again. Just being optimistic that we will be ok and that opportunities will turn up.

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