Our Housesitting Homecoming

Edenbridge Housesit

After over six months we have returned to housesitting in the Garden of England, our home county. It really does seem like a lifetime since we were last looking after someone’s house and pets, our last sit was back in early December in Canterbury with Millie and Pippa at the famous passive house.

Passive Housesitting in the Garden of England

This time although back in Kent we were in the far west of the county near the town of Edenbridge.

Ceremonial County Tripoint

The rather impressive house that we would be looking after is actually situated at one of Englands county tripoints. A tripoint is a point at which three geographical regions meet and a county tripoint is obviously where three ceremonial counties meet. So we are at the meeting point of Kent, Surrey and East Sussex. And you know what? Not a single plaque or sign to celebrate the fact (Jo was seriously miffed).

Edenbridge Housesit


Just a short week long stay for us but it looked as though it could be a busy one with two dogs and a cat as well the the big house and substantial gardens to look after. We met the owners Jo and Stuart briefly as they were heading off with the family to the west country but had time to run through the essentials and introduce us to their lovely pets.

Edenbridge Housesit
“Archie the 6 year old Tibetan Terrier”
Edenbridge Housesit
“Ellie the one year old black Labrador”
Edenbridge Housesit
“Biscuit the 8 year old cat”

Living the Country Life

With only a week here we wouldn’t have a lot of time to head out exploring especially as we wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving the dogs very often. So our time has been taken up with lots of dog walking along muddy slippy footpaths and bridleways (weather hasn’t been brilliant), a fair bit of playing fetch and catch and whatever else in the garden with Ellie (Archie couldn’t care less about fetching), and of course the most important thing this week. That’s right, Euro 2020!!

Top class international football on live twice a day every day from all over Europe. We’re not just England supporters though, we’ve been watching Wales and Scotland of course plus Denmark, Croatia and North Macedonia.

And before you start suggesting it’s just me that’s bothered, let me explain how Jo has probably watched more football than I have over the past weeks. She absolutely loves it and is all over the teams, matches, and her very special wallchart.

Seeing thousands of fans back in stadiums supporting every match has been incredible, a real move back towards normality. And watching England beat Germany last night was one of those amazing experiences that neither of us will ever forget. Unbelievable!

It’s not all football as our walks through the woods and fields of Surrey, Kent and East Sussex have been lovely. Archie and Ellie are wonderfully behaved on lead although Archie does like to stop every 2 minutes for some serious sniffing.

Edenbridge Housesit
Edenbridge Housesit
Edenbridge Housesit
“Stumbled upon this wonderful little house in the woods nearby. Someone has worked hard on this”
Edenbridge Housesit

Last Days of the Sit

With only a couple of days left we are hoping for a bit of better weather for our final dog walks and there is a hot-tub here that the hosts kindly said we could use! So if it’s warm enough we could be out there, who knows? Not sure how the dogs react though. Hopefully they won’t wanna get in there with us!

Friday will see us heading west towards Berkshire and Wiltshire for a little road trip and some more exploring of quaint English towns and villages. Looking forward to it bigtime, and of course the quarter final of the Euros is on Saturday July 3rd at 8pm.

England vs Ukraine.

Huge! I hope you are all planning to watch.

Edenbridge Housesit

25/06 – 30/06/2021


  1. Pleased you’re back to house sitting. It’s quite a milestone event really considering the past 18 months in this topsy turvey world. Biscuit did not look like he welcomed you one little bit.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s a little strange to be back housesitting after so long, even though it’s only a week or so. Biscuit has a bit of a superior attitude I think like most cats. He assumes it’s his home and we’re trespassing.


  2. Hope you got to use the hot tub. We used ours all the time when we lived in Chicago – even in the snow! They are especially delightful in cold weather!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s been a really wet week so far but hopefully that will improve now, you’ve had amazing weather haven’t you? We’re really loving the football so far.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Excellent work on the wall-chart Jo, very impressed. And what feast of football it’s been too. I’d love that cat. What an attitude! Happy you’re back to housesitting. Hopefully there’ll be plenty more in the months to come.

    Come on England. #ItsComingHome

    Liked by 1 person

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