Our Four-legged Friends


Since we began housesitting all of those years ago we have stayed in some lovely houses in beautiful parts of the world, however it’s the pets that we especially remember. They made each stay unique and lovely. Here’s a rundown of the four-legged friends that we have made over the past 5 years.

Roxy was such a “lady”. Even with arthritic legs she constantly reminded us which cupboard her doggie Christmas stocking was in.

Latika was reluctant to walk far from the house along the North Downs until she knew she could trust us. We had fun in the snow.
We have spent more time with Ed than any of our other four legged friends. Uncanny ability to tell the time whether it is a walk, dinner or “pyjama time”
Molly certainly knew what she did and didn’t want to do. Looked a little embarrassed sometimes after she had a crazy 5 minutes with the detergent holder from the washing machine.
Happy (aka Pollywops) initially struggled with separation anxiety but lots walks and cuddles and we had a happy Happy.
17 year old Tigger was blind in one eye but loved patrolling the garden. Very independent and not really a lap cat.
Saffy, the blue whippet, had such a lovely nature. Boy could she run!! Especially when she chased a tractor down the lane being driven by a relative of the family. It took Jon over an hour to get her back to the house.
The very aloof Miami. Spent most of her time sleeping on the back of the Aga.
Well groomed Toby. Loved nothing better than being brushed and fussed over.
My brother and sister–laws dog, Beatrice. A delight. Looking out for horses!!
Cat chasing Hiccup. Bounded across this field and leapt three fences chasing a cat. We had to rescue him from someone’s garden.
A rural farm in Northern Ireland with Buff. He jumped in any car with an open door and wouldn’t get out until he had been taken for a ride. Caused chaos when he jumped in the car as the owners left for the airport.
Vinnie, Italian Maremmano, used to protect sheep but rescued and kept as a pet. Can track for miles in the heat and would disappear for hours.
Lady Lulu another Maremmano. Caught a hare with Vinnie and lugged the partly eaten carcass around the garden for a couple of days. Attempts to part her from it could be life threatening!
Angus and Skye the ‘little bears’ next door. Very gentle and loved company, despite Skye’s initial apprehension.
Pitlochry Dogs
Millie, Tala and Cocoa part of the “Scottish dog” contingent. Whiskey and Beauly the missing duo. Loved yomping in the ferns (and walking on a perfectly clean just mopped holiday rental floor).
Ronnie had a passion for carrying the largest stick he could find. Prone to get over-excited with fetch the ball.
Ed, the German Pointer, who literally used his nose and tail as an arrow to “point” out something interesting.
Poppy looking gorgeous and laid back but this could all change if there was a squirrel within eyeshot. Now living the high-life and relaxing by her pool in Spain.
Toffee in Ebony
Poor Little Toffee. She had walked through the embers of a bonfire few days before we arrived so we didn’t see her on true form. Heartbreaking to see her unable even to step outside so lots of medication, tlc and “personal care” required.
Jura had a heart of gold. She struggled a little with asthma so had to pace herself on our walks. Loved hide and seek with her treats.
Molly would only drink from the mill stone in the courtyard even in freezing conditions. Towel at the ready for those velvety ears.
Lymington Housesitting
Monty, the new kitten, and Ronnie on our return visit. Looking guilty??
Cheriton Dogs
Wispa and Bloomer in their perfect bedroom area under the hall table. Such a delight and loved their walks in all weathers.
Ware Housesitting
A return visit to Saffy now with the additional of Tasha her daughter. Tasha was so dominant that Saffy could get overlooked – but not by us!
Canterbury Housesitting
Kermit, the gentle giant, Loved a game in the garden and reminding the neighbour that he may starve unless he had a treat – now!!
Baloo and Mowgli. The Jungle Book namesakes. Mowgli was older and laid back but Baloo feigned toilet visits to the garden at midnight then disappeared to the neighbouring farm.
Warminster Wiltshire
Indie – Time for a walk? If you are not taking me I will leap onto the dining room table and watch out the window till you return.
Exeter Housesitting
Kai from Exeter. Just a short stay with Kai and his mesmerising eyes.
Tisbury Housesitting
Maggie and Mowgli. Very independent and wilful. Loved a boisterous evening play fight with each other.
Barns Green Housesitting
Ruby in Barns Green. A very wet stay with scrumping Ruby.
Clo – part dog part human. Could open doors unaided and loved to loiter near the pantry – just in case!
Housesitting - Indie
Indie the Jack Russell waiting to go and inspect the out-of-bounds part of the garden and fish pond. Me? What harm could I do?
East Grinstead Housesitting
All weathers Maisie. We have walked through many a flooded footpath and then a summer sit during a heatwave. Good natured with amazing recall.
White Colne Housesitting
Back for a frosty sit with Ed.. Beautiful countryside and hours of happy footpath walks together.
Wispa and Bloomer
“Where do you think you are going and are we coming with you?” Bloomer and Wispa on patrol
Housesitting in Cheriton Hampshire
Yes, you two are coming with me. Hope I can keep up.
Back with Poppy whose passion for squirrels continues.
Millie and Pippa who follow an Amichien Bonding regime which was interesting to learn about and adopt for our stay. They were cosily wrapped in their blankets doing an ET movie moment at night time.
Edenbridge Housesit
Ellie the young Labrador in Sussex. Very calm but became quite anxious when Archie (below) escaped from the garden.
Edenbridge Housesit
Archie who had a very loveable mischievous streak. Was a bit of a Houdini in the garden when he got the scent of a nearby rabbit and even brought us the remains of a baby rabbit that had been disguarded by a fox.
Edenbridge Housesit
Biscuit. Quite a nervous cat who kept well out of the way of Ellie and Archie. Biscuit was happy to be upstairs away from the dogs but made a break for the garden when the coast was clear.
Cheetara the ThunderCat
Cheetara, or Chee the Thunder Cat. Happy to patrol the garden most of the evening and overnight. Snoozed in the conservatory by day.
Lion-O the ThunderCat
Lion-O: Lord of the Thunder Cats. Jonno had a soft spot for Lion-O even when he lounged all over his laptop. Cheekily tried to eat Chee’s dinner as well as his own. They both drank out of pint glasses – water, of course!

We’ve missed out a few ducks, some sheep, chickens, a budgie and a selection of fish so sorry if any of them are offended but I don’t think they all follow the blog!

Do you have a favourite? We would never admit to having favourites but …….

What an experience every single housesit was and what wonderful pets we were lucky enough to be able to spend time with and care for. We may return to housesitting in some guise in the future, who knows, but we have all of these memories to last us a lifetime.

26/12/2016 – 06/09/2021


    • Molly certainly holds a special place in our hearts. Ears like velvet but usually with a few things attached that she has swept up or needing a dry off after a trip to the mill stone. RIP lovely Molls.


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