What Do We Pack When We’re Going Forever

So that’s the big question isn’t it? What do we pack in our two smallish suitcases when we don’t have any particular plans to return.

We’ve got no real idea how long we’re going to be away so I suppose the answer should be as little as possible. Easy huh? There were a few questions that needed answering.


Backpack or Suitcase

We decided quite early that we didn’t want to backpack. It’s ok if you’re 25 and happy to live in the same tee shirt and shorts for a year but that’s not us anymore. We both want to have a few sets of clean clothes and definitely clean undies. So it was suitcases from the beginning. I know it costs more on flights and that you have to wait for your bags on those annoyingly slow carousels but we won’t be in any rush and are happy to pay the extra for hold baggage.

Do we need any Electronics?

Of course! Our plan is to actually live in different places and we will have lots of time for reading and emailing friends and family so we’ll definitely need a tablet or a laptop (or both). Size matters here, as in many cases, so we will be taking a Hudl for reading and basic web browsing and our current laptop for everything else. Plus cameras to record our experiences along the way. Jo’s phone has a great camera and I have a small Samsung that’ll fit in my pocket.

How many changes of clothes?

As many as possible really, although we’re working on a week’s worth of clothing on top of what we are wearing when we leave. One jacket each plus a fashionable mac and a sweatshirt and that will be it. One change of shoes too.

What toiletries?

Easy to get really carried away here and pack every single thing that we may need over the next year. Crazy really as we’ll regularly be passing through towns and cities where we could stock up easily. I have some prescription medication and we’ll add ibruprofen, deodorant, suncream and a few plasters. Oh, and ear plugs. A necessity if you are a light sleeper like me. Jo sleeps through anything.

 Do we need much more?

Few things like toothbrushes, nail clippers, razors, adaptors, and hairbrushes. Most importantly all of the documents and money required. We will almost certainly fill any gaps in our cases but extra bits but won’t know for sure until the last minute on May 30th.

I have almost definitely forgotten so many critical things that Jo is sure to remind me of!

Please leave us a comment, it always makes our day.

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