Cluedo Housesitting in Hove


Back on the road again, or should that be the railway tracks? After 4 months resting up in the beautiful West Country we have moved on to our first housesit since early March. It seems such a long time ago with everything that has happened but we’re off and running and back in the housesitting groove again.

Cross Country Travel Tribulations

As mentioned previously (Leaving Devon) we had a bit of a mammoth journey planned to get us from Knowle on the North Devon coast up to Hove in East Sussex. Starting with a lift from Jim and Rose to Barnstaple station to get the Tarka Line down to Exeter, we were due to get the next train to Clapham Junction before changing for Hove. Didn’t quite work out like that unfortunately.

  • Booked train didn’t actually exist
  • Next train broke down in the station
  • No direct trains to Clapham Junction anymore
  • Double cancellations at Clapham
  • Trespassers on the line just outside Brighton

So slightly unpredictable and a whole day of not really knowing if and when we would make it to our destination. In the end we were an hour and a half late as we walked the short distance to our new ‘home‘ to meet our patient housesitting hosts. Could have been so much worse.

Housesitting in Hove

A wonderful friendly welcome from Karin and Helmut followed by a socially distanced dinner and a couple of drinks were exactly what was needed. We don’t have any pets to look after here but Karin does have a lot of beautiful houseplants and a mature garden that we will need to look after whilst they are away. So Jo’s green fingers will be back in action and I’m ready to take instruction on what needs watering and when!

Housesitting in Hove

The reason for calling this a Cluedo housesit is that the house is a very impressive three-storey Victorian style property with a whole host of rooms including a library, conservatory, drawing room, study, and of course a kitchen which immediately made us both think of Cluedo. No murders taking place hopefully but a fascinating place. Oh, and it is absolutely bursting with all sorts of fascinating art. Karin and Helmut love their paintings and ‘objet d’art‘ so there is so much to see and learn all over the house.

Not sure how the dusting will go but we will be ultra-careful!

The South Coast

We are booked to be here in Hove until the beginning of September so have a few weeks to explore the area, get down to the seafront and perhaps even get a little further afield via train and bus. Also, being so much closer to Kent and our friends and family we may be able to arrange to meet up with the odd one hopefully. Some planning to do there I think.

Looking forward to some glorious weather now …..

14/07 – 17/07/2020


  1. Glad to see you back on the road again…safely of course. I have to say, I thought you were being funny using the term ‘Cluedo’ for the game we in the states know simply as ‘Clue’. Until I saw the playing board. How interesting that this game that’s been around forever (at least since the 60s) is available in a different country under a different name variant – I hadn’t a ‘clue’ that was the case.

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    • It’s a lovely area and Hove is a nice quiet area only 15 minutes walk from the beach so we’re looking forward to a lot of exploring and walking. Already been down a couple of times.

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    • We were so lucky especially coming out of lockdown as this feels like a gradual step back towards normality. No pets makes it even more relaxed as well. Just a ton of plants.


    • It wasn’t anywhere near as bad as we were dreading and we kept our hosts informed all the way. Could have been so much worse. Just one of those journeys but all good now.

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    • Thanks Linda. It’s very different to the south west but we’re in a lovely big house with a nice private garden so really enjoying the change. Lovely town too with lots to see.

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    • It’s a fabulous house with SO much space and a lovely private garden to enjoy. Only 15 minutes walk to the beach too so looking forward to really getting to know the area over the next few weeks. Loving it.


    • It’s completely different, right in the middle of the town and we have a huge house rather than a couple of rooms so is taking a bit of getting used to the space. Miss the footpaths right outside our front door but really enjoying getting settling in and exploring.

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  2. Only an hour and half late! That’s a result in my book. Most of the time the rail network is brilliant but when it goes into meltdown it normally goes proper kaput so count yourselves lucky. The new place looks lush mate but I’d be more worried about looking after the plants than any number of pets! Good luck Jo!!!!!

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    • Wasn’t too bad, we’re fairly relaxed about trains these days and know we’ll always make it eventually. It’s a great place but you’re right about the foliage.


  3. Ah~ This sounds wonderful, and i admit that I am rather jealous! I think we all need a change of scenery these days, but most especially those of us who are used to being on the road are feeling the need to budge to new views, new places, new people, and new adventures. I look forward to reading about what you find in this part of England over the next few weeks!

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    • Thanks Leslie, it’s always good to have a change and although we loved our time in Devon we were so pleased to be able to get moving again. We’re in a lovely house in an interesting town so hopefully there will be a lot to see and do in the coming weeks.


  4. Cross country travel without taking in London is a bit of a nightmare. With most lines heading to/from London, they rarely going east-west which can be a bit of a pain at times. At least you are back on the move again.

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    • Although the journey was a bit horrific, it was well worth the effort. Lovely house and garden to relax in for the next few weeks and hopefully the weather will behave for us.

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    • It really is a great house Deb, and we’re loving just having space to relax and chill out. Met our youngest son already and hoping to meet the other two very soon. Exciting.

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  5. Good to see you’ve both arrived in Hove. I know that area well. Will have to get on the case with my e-mails (!!), as we might be able to arrange a catch up!

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    • It’s a lovely part of the world and the weather looks like it’s going to be pretty good too. You do need to get busy on the email catchup though!


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