Sculptures by the Sea

Bondi Coogee Sydney NSW Australia

We’re always sad to leave but also excited to move on somewhere new. Does that make any sense at all?

Leaving Manly and our good friend Phil was sad but we enjoyed our time there so much and we will definitely be keeping in touch. He’s getting rid of everything and moving to the UK next week so I hope it’s nothing we said!

So a real combination journey by foot, ferry, train, train and bus all the way through Sydney down to Bondi, home of the famous beach which I’ll come onto in a bit. We’re staying with Ezri and Liz in their lovely apartment just south of Rose Bay. Only got three nights though which is a shame as we’re getting on fabulously.

When we’ve mentioned to people that we’re visiting Sydney and particularly Bondi we have always had the same response, “you must do the Bondi to Coogee walk“. Ok. As one of our new resolutions is not to say No to anything we decided to give it a go.

Bondi to Coogee Walk

Apparently it’s a six kilometre walk along the clifftops with some decent views. So we packed the rucksack with some water, a few buns, a bit of fruity stuff and a crisp or two and set off. Not such great weather to begin with as it was a bit windy and threatening rain but you all know that could never put us off don’t you?

Bondi Coogee Sydney NSW Australia

Crossed to the south side of Bondi Beach and found the start of the walk. Just by chance the Sculptures by the Sea exhibition started that morning so there was a steady stream of people wandering onto the walk. This is the 19th year and the sculptures are on show until the 8th November. Over 100 exhibits are on show across the 2km walk to Tamarama Beach so we could do the Sculptures by the Sea walk and just continue onto Coogee Beach for the remaining 4km.

Bondi Coogee Sydney NSW Australia

Well we loved some of the art and we weren’t sure about some of the art. Like I’ve said previously, I’m never sure with art whether someone is just taking the mickey and having a laugh at my expense or whether it’s incredible and I’m just thick. I guess I’ll never know. It was all interesting though.

Bondi Coogee Sydney NSW Australia

Weather improved but a bit blowy so the views from the cliff path over the Tasman Sea were just incredible. We spent ages just standing and staring at the sea in awe at it’s power and majesty (bit dramatic eh but true).

Bondi Coogee Sydney NSW Australia

Some of the sculptures were fabulous obviously and as much as we marveled at the work involved in producing them we were just as amazed at how on earth they got to be on the edge of steep cliffs and rocky outcrops.

Bondi Coogee Sydney NSW Australia

The sculptures finished on Tamarama Beach but we forged on for the rest of the Bondi to Coogee walk. Much quieter now on the pathways and much wilder right on the edge of the cliffs with the sea smashing onto the rocks below. Absolutely fantastic. Plus we were now almost on our own as most people turned back after the exhibition ended.

Whale Watching

The most exciting part of the day came when we stopped for a bun or two and a drink and one of us suddenly let out a scream. It wasn’t me this time! Jo had seen a whale splashing a short way out to sea. It splashed it’s huge tail up and into the sea several times as if it was just messing about, brilliant to see and pretty unbelievable. Who needs to go out in a yellow whale watching boat for £200 when you can stand on the cliffs and just see for free?

The whole walk from Tamarama Beach through Bronte Beach and Gordon Beach was fabulous, and such a great day to do it. I’m sure it wouldn’t have been the same in the heat and blazing sun that we’d experienced the previous weeks, the cloud and spray seemed to make the ocean much more threatening and exciting.

Bondi Coogee Sydney NSW Australia

At times it felt so wild that we seemed to be the only people in the world who were there. So many great views and so many incredible photo-opportunities. We tried not to take too many but what can you do? Love the photo below. It’s now my favourite tree and currently number one in my favourite Tree Top Five.

Bondi Coogee Sydney NSW Australia

Coogee Beach and Home

So we made Coogee Beach alive, just, and strangely ended up in a bar. Don’t know how that happened. Sat in the window with sore feet watching the world go by for a while before busing back to Bondi Junction. Such a great day and the walk was so much better than we possibly imagined. If you’re ever down this way, do it!

And coming up ……

On our way to Melbourne for Jo’s emotional reunification with her old friend, well not so old. Hiring a car soon so I’ll need to remember how to drive, bit worrying. Penguins! But before all that, maybe another moment or two as we’re invited to a dinner party.

21.10 -22.10.2015


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