A Brilliant New Design for JWalking

Our little blog has been running for around two and a half years and we’ve published over 200 posts so far. After all this time and all these posts we decided it was time to re-decorate and spruce up our JWalking site.

All of our content and photos have remained exactly the same, it’s just the page layout and colour-scheme that’s been refreshed. It’s just like decorating your front room. We took all of the furniture and pictures out, rolled up the carpet, prepared the walls and woodwork, painted everything a bright new colour, then returned everything to the exact place that it was previously in.

Exactly the same but completely different.

What do you think?

So we’d love to know what you think. We like the new design as it shows the photos off much more and has de-cluttered some of the pages. What do you think?


  1. Firefox version 56.0.1 ( 64-bit) doesn’t like it! DIdn’t load the content of the new homepage. Same thing happened with Chrome but that could be down to some plugins being out of date, Flash in particular. Basically, you’ve broken my machine! The design is nice and clean though.I think Corporate Comms would approve.

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