Housesitting in Hampshire: Double Trouble

Cheriton Dogs

It’s been quite a while since we jumped from one housesit to the next with no break but that’s exactly what happened when we left Lymington and headed up to Cheriton near Winchester. In fact it was one of the reasons that we applied for the Winchester sit in the first place.

Leaving Lymington

Fabulous blue skies and high temperatures followed us as we got the train from Lymington Pier up to Brockenhurst. Unfortunately it was on to one of those ‘bus replacement services’ at that point, one of the downsides to weekend travel, but it was pretty smooth and we made our overnight stop in Eastleigh in good time.

Jo on train
“Love this photo of Jo waiting to disembark at Brockenhust as it looks as if she’s on some sort of spaceship just about to enter the airlock”

Housesitting Planning and Filler Nights

When we apply for and book these various housesits and Helpx stays we try and arrange it so that the days fit neatly into our calendar but obviously there are lots of times that we have a night or two between bookings. If possible we use these gaps to visit our three sons, family, and friends but sometimes we just book a ‘filler night’ enroute. Our stop off in Eastleigh was one of those ‘filler nights’ where we just booked a Travelodge for £30 and had a lazy evening and morning mid-journey. Always good as we absolutely love Travelodge beds, they’re the best!

Not much to say about Eastleigh really, if you’ve been you’ll know and if you haven’t then don’t bother!

After a comfy night we treated ourselves to breakfast (unheard of) before walking the 100 yards to the station for our short trip up to Winchester. At the station Jo couldn’t resist annoying the very nice lady reading on the bench. Embarrassing sometimes.

Eastleigh station

Last year we spent a lovely couple of days visiting Winchester (A Whistlestop tour of Winchester) and arrived ready to meet Tessa who we would be sitting for. The village of Cheriton is around 15 minutes away so we were soon pulling up next to her fabulous thatched cottage. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks we would get a chance to get back into the city for a bit more exploring.

Very kindly, Tessa and her husband Nigel had invited us to come two days beforehand and we were staying in their rental accommodation opposite the house. We felt like we were on holiday as the barn was fantastic.

The Barn

The Barn

Exactly the sort of place we would have booked if we’d wanted a week or weekend away from it all in our previous working lives. In fact, we kept saying ‘we could live here’. It really did have everything that we needed plus it gave us the opportunity to get to know Tessa and Nigel over dinner and go on a dog walk with them to get to know the area.

Now to the main reason for our stay, the dogs. They had two adorable terriers called Bloomer and Wispa who needed looking after and I’m not sure we have ever met two such affectionate friendly little dogs.

Bloomer the Terrier
“Bloomer the nine year old terrier”
Whisper the Terrier
“Wispa the three year old”

Inquisitive, busy, and into everything. We hit it off straight away. After a couple of nights in the barn we ran our hosts up to Heathrow Terminal 5 for their flight to India and then moved our backpacks across to the main house where we would be staying. A beautiful thatched cottage with so much character and history and I’m sure a story behind every door. We’ll look into that for a future post.

Thatched Cottage

Our first day housesitting

Moving bags around and unpacking is pretty easy these days as we do it constantly and Bloomer and Wispa seemed to accept their new ‘staff’ with ease. A first walk in the afternoon up over the beautiful Hampshire hills was a delight and the village of Cheriton looks like it may have a few places to explore and find out about in the coming days. The weather has been unbelievable so far but I’m sure that’ll change tomorrow.

Cheriton Church
“Cheriton Church”
Cheriton Cows
“A few of the neighbours wondering who those new folk are”
Cheriton Walk
“Beautiful end to a beautiful first day”

24/02 – 27/02/2019


  1. Amazing accommodation. If ever you’re coming back down under in Margaret River region, I’m sure we could oblige by offering you a house sit. Our accommodation would pale in comparison to your current digs though.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What darling dogs! We only spent a day in Winchester but absolutely loved it. But then I have fallen in love with all of the UK. So wish I had the courage to drive on the left side of the road. I fear, however, I’d be dangerous never having tried it before age 70!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Winchester is a unique city, so much history, I’m sure you’d be ok driving on the left, after 5 minutes it’d be natural. Same for us when we drove on the ‘wrong side’ in the US last year.


  3. Jonno I am thinking this house is one of the most adorable homes I have seen. Such a variety of acomodations you are finding in your nomadic life. The pups look adorable. As to Jo chatting it up with most everyone I would be doing the exact same thing. Dave has learned to just smile and pretend he doesn’t know me.


  4. I hope I wasn’t your only follower to think that the picture of the barn was THE accommodation. I wonder if the Cheriton in Folkestone has property like that. Is the barn a holiday property? I’d happily stay there for a few days. Have a great time.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. That photo of Jo is very futuristic! In regards to bothering statues, we also do that all the time! They don’t seem to mind having their photo taken with us mad Aussies 🙂 . Lovely to read of your new digs and double trouble.

    Liked by 1 person

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