Lights, Camera, Action !

Lights Camera Action TV SHow

Apologies if we’ve been a little quiet over the past couple of weeks but something exciting has been afoot. After all of our travelling adventures and experiences this is something completely different and new for both of us.

Without giving too much away, and we are actually not supposed to say too much yet, we have been asked to appear on a fairly well-known TV show and have spent the last 2 weeks being interviewed, signing contracts, partaking in numerous zoom calls, meeting film crews, and performing for the camera.

Lights Camera Action TV SHow

When I say performing I don’t mean juggling or singing opera, but we have been thrown completely out of our comfort zone with a tv crew taking us out and about to film us in all sorts of different situations. Lots of talking about ourselves on camera (which we were not at all comfortable with) plus being filmed shopping and walking in the countryside etc. Very very strange.

So after numerous phone and video interviews we were told that they wanted us and we’d be off to film just five days later. These TV people move pretty quickly you know.

Lights Camera Action TV SHow

What’s the show then?

What do you reckon then? Which show could it be that we will be featured on? Obviously not First Dates and I assure you it isn’t Naked Attraction. Could it be Couples Come Dine with Me or some classy makeover show? It should have been Race Across the World of course but they ridiculously turned us down. Crazy!

Prizes for the best guess …….

Lights Camera Action TV SHow

We will spill the beans in a day or two once the filming is completed (as long as we haven’t been whisked away to Hollywood in a private jet of course). Mysterious huh?


Lights Camera Action Jwalking


  1. Congratulations, how exciting for you both Jon!! I don’t really watch much TV but I know you love being outdoors. I will take a wild guess is it Country File😀

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  2. Really exciting news for you both. I bet you never thought in a million years that your exploits would lead to you becoming stars of TV! …. Look forward to seeing you on the screen soon. Hopefully not crimewatch 🙂.. best wishes to you both

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  3. I’m at an unfair advantage, being your son and all and knowing the answer, but I’m afraid I’m going to spoil the party and let everyone know the details. Please don’t be upset with me.

    It’s a reboot of ‘Gladiators’ mixed with ‘Antiques Roadshow’. Contestants do things like value vases while on Hang Tough, bid on jewellery while doing the Travelator etc. David Dickinson and Ulrika Johnson are co presenters.

    Very excited for you both, can’t wait to see Wolf rugby tackle you while you deliberate over the authenticity of a Georgian broach.

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    • Who is this? You’ve completely ‘blown’ the whole deal. ‘Antique Gladiators’ will be out very soon, just hope none of the presenters kick the bucket before it’s on.


  4. I’m trying to think of all the UK shows we have on the TV here. So it could be Antiques Roadshow, The Chase, Midsomer Murders, Escape to the Country…. I could see how any of these would fit the bill. Two people out exploring and looking for hidden treasures or displaying their knowledge of the best places to visit or coming across a murder mystery while on a walk in the forest or searching for the perfect country home to settle down in after years of wandering. I’m sure there are several other alternatives too. Looking forward to hearing more and hoping we get to see you on the TV here.

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    • So many great suggestions and we’d love to be on all of those. I’m sure the show is on Aussie tv but who knows how long it takes before it gets there. Think we can reveal all in a day or so. It was a great experience though.

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  5. I’m late to this TV programme guessing game blog so I know the answer but I won’t be a spoiler in case someone is later to the party than me!!!

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  6. This is the problem with binge blog reading. You get to hear the answer via other means! I would have guessed at Midsomer Murders though – you play a guy that manages the intranet!

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  7. Those look hard to setup, like one missing screw and it would just fall over hahaha but I love the movie sets and all the big cameras

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