A Few Days in France

Luckily those lovely French Air Traffic Controllers called off their strike so I could wing my way to France to see Mum and Alan and tell them of our adventures.

Easyjet flight arrived 15 minutes early but passport control were delighted to delay us entering the country by about 20 minutes.

The weather for the trip was mixed but more good than bad. We had a whole day of torrential rain on the Friday so there was the option of knit and natter or stitch and bitch. The knitting and nattering won the day so while Alan worked on his model boat project we sat and chatted, then chatted some more, then some more.

Mum and Alan
Mum and Alan

It had been too long between visits but it always only feels like yesterday that I was there last time. I have lots of tips and recommendations for our travels and I think there is even a possibility of a new adventure abroad for them! Get that house sold and start planning.


After a trip to Valence market and a last delicious lunch, it was all too soon time to head to the airport. Flight back was on a new Easyjet aircraft. Very posh. Arrived early again!

PS This very traditional french house which has been lovingly modernised and maintained (with pool!) is currently on the market. Comment for further details.

April 2015


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