Reliving our Escape to the Country

Escape to the Country

Not sure if we mentioned it, and to be honest we haven’t really talked about it a lot, but we were featured on a little TV show here in the UK called ‘Escape to the Country‘. We applied back in mid-May and found ourselves filming in beautiful Wiltshire in early June in what was a bit of a rollercoaster mini adventure.

It was an incredible experience going through the complex interview process and then actually doing the filming and we obviously wrote a blog post all about it when we returned.

Escape to the Country

It was all very exciting and we had a lot of interaction with a lot of our normal blog followers but fairly quickly we settled back into our lives with the promise that the BBC would let us know when our programme would actually be screened.

Escape to the Country

Legal Wrangling

Having almost forgotten about it we were surprised to receive an email a month ago from the legal arm of the production company with slightly heavy overtones. Apparently they had seen our ‘little blog‘ and noticed that we had written a blog post all about our experiences during filming the show. They proceeded then to remind us that we had signed contracts not to reveal any details from ETTC and attached the legal documents for us to read!

Lights Camera Action TV SHow

Interesting huh? They were right and we had signed but for goodness sake ……..

So I took the post down as instructed and saved the world from impending destruction.

The Live Show

So the time did eventually come and the live transmission was actually today. Yes TODAY! We were on BBC1 at 3 o’clock this very afternoon and it was slightly terrifying to say the least. We told a few people in advance as we just wanted to see it ourselves before it became common knowledge (or common viewing or whatever).

With a bottle of peach schnapps and our hands over our eyes we settled down to view the show earlier today fearing the absolute worst. Seeing yourself on a video on your phone is bad enough so what was being on TV going to be like? Well not as bad as we imagined to be honest.

After an initial horrifying few minutes we relaxed a little and actually quite enjoyed the show. Strange that they cut the first property we viewed from the final show. I think it may have been a bit bare and basic as it was very old and extremely small. All of the other properties looked a lot nicer on TV than they seemed at the time, clever filming I suppose. And some of those conversations we had with the host, Alistair, the healthfood shop lady, and the barge owner were a hundred times longer than the throw away lines they showed. So interesting to see what made the final cut.

Ultimately we thoroughly enjoyed the whole process of applying and participating in the show, it was a wonderful experience and we got to stay in a posh country hotel for a few days and see so much more of beautiful Wiltshire. We won’t ever forget our Escape to the Country.

Wonder if anyone else saw it?

Guyers House Corsham Wiltshire


Well not exactly out-takes but one of the self-made videos that we had to film as part of the interview process. There were so many! But this one made us laugh a bit!

Should definitely have been in the show!


Escape to the Country


  1. I can’t remember if you did mention it before…but I love the show and will have to look for it. Unfortunately here in Canada we are mostly getting the very old repeats. Very fun to watch!

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  2. Oh I’ll have to look that up! Reaction to the original post seems a bit heavy handed, you didn’t write about it in a way that compromised anything. Your posts have been a very interesting insight into what actually goes on behind the scenes vs the final, edited and polished programme. The magic of television eh? Does the house hunting continue? We are still looking, we only ever seem to establish what we don’t want rather than find what we do. Process of elimination, perhaps!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was a bit on the heavy side but I suppose we did sign a contract. Slightly over the top though. Still looking for a property down here but like you not found anything we like just loads we don’t! Where are you looking?

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      • We’ve been looking everywhere. UK and overseas. The double edge of military life. It teaches you that you can live anywhere, but how to choose when anywhere is possible.

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  3. Just watched the programme and was very impressed with how you both came across. Well Done! Thanks also for bringing it to my attention as it’s not a programme I would usually watch but I enjoyed it especially with you being the stars of the show.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Don’t know if it’s shown at all in Canada, could be a few series behind. Strange how they were so heavy handed legally isn’t it? You would think they had better things to do.

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  4. It wasn’t anywhere near as bad you told me Jon.And you were far more positive about the properties than you had suggested. Or is that down to the clever editing? Still a little claim to fame being on a TV show. What did the kids think of it???

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